Rewriting Your Life Script

Rewriting Your Life Script
Shakespeare wrote “All the World’s a Stage, And all the men and women merely players.” Do you like the play you are acting in right now? Are you happy with your role & your lines? Would you like to rewrite the script?

The Earth can be thought of as a stage, our homes, workplaces and shopping malls as different sets, our friends, relatives and colleagues as members of the cast. We have access to a huge number of ‘extras’, who may come & go. Some of these get a speaking role in time and become part of the main cast.

You can take the starring role, but often you may give the lead part to others. This can be good. At times stepping back & letting others have centre stage is a kind & caring gesture, anyone hogging the limelight all the time would be selfish and attention seeking. There is however a balance to be struck! Do you try to scuttle backstage & hide behind the ‘extras’ in your own life? It is important that your voice is projected, that you are seen and heard.

You are physically incarnated in order to learn & grow as a soul. In the between life state you will have agreed to be tested on certain issues this time round. Once in a physical body we forget our agreements- partly because the Earth plane is so dense, but also because there wouldn’t be much of a test if you remembered everything you’d agreed to!

What are the themes of your play? Spend time now looking for repeating patterns, barriers & self-beliefs that you would like to have insight into. These are most probably going to reveal the lessons you agreed to. Try keeping a personal development journal. Once you work out your life themes and challenges you can start to address the issues and make great progress.

Are you always being let down in love? Do you have problems financially? Do people bully you? Some lessons are not pleasant to work through- nobody said being human was easy! Your greatest ‘enemies’ may in fact be members of your soul group who have made a soul contract to play an antagonistic role. For example if you had agreed to learn to stand up for yourself, but no-one was prepared to play your bully how would you learn the lesson?

Step back from the drama of your life and realise that you are being given opportunities to act or react in new ways, try out new roles, or develop new qualities. If you want to change things that annoy you then you have to change your own script first. What is your habitual reaction? How else could you react? Are your boundaries clear? What other strategies you could try?

You may notice that when ‘x’ happens you always react in ‘y’ way. What about trying ‘z’ for a change? This is your play & you can rewrite it until you are happy. If you continue to act and react in predictable ways to particular challenges then they will keep presenting themselves to you. Instead of thinking ‘Not again!’ or ‘Why me?’ think ‘Okay I’m being given another opportunity to learn & I’ll tackle things differently this time.’

Cast members will come along and try you on these issues again just to see if you’ve learned the lesson- they are playing their parts perfectly- expect to be tested! When the pattern stops repeating you’ll know you’ve really learned your lesson and rewritten the script. Congratulations!

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