Turning White Fat Cells into Brown Fat Cells

Turning White Fat Cells into Brown Fat Cells
White fat cells are stagnant and hold your fat for years. Brown fat cells actively burn the fat within them. How do you turn your white fat cells into brown fat cells?

First, be sure to read my article on Brown Fat, Beige Fat, and White Fat Cells to understand how all three work. That will help you better get a sense of what this information is about.

Once you've got the basics under your belt, it's time to take action.

Here's the interesting study. Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Study went through a group of radiology scans, to try to figure out which adults naturally had brown fat. What they found was this fat tended to be found around the neck and collarbone, and was mostly found in people who lived in cool environments.

Joslin Diabetes Study details

So here's where it gets practical.

A study published in Diabetes showed that if they took men and put them in a 66F environment (19C) rather than a 80F environment (24C) that they increased the brown fat activity by up to 40%! They even went so far as to say "Warmer houses 'could be contributing to obesity'"

Cold and Brown Fat Study

How warm do you keep your house? Could that be increasing your body's tendency to hang on to fat, as counter-intuitive as that might seem?

It might be a good time to take a look at your home environment. So often we just think about the fridge and the pantry - but other aspects of your house impact your weight. Is it warm and toasty all the time? Or is it reasonably cool? Try turning that thermometer down a few degrees, and know that it's going to help contribute to a healthier weight level!

MedicalDaily reports that there are even new drugs being developed which will be able to convert the white cells INTO brown cells -

MedicalDaily on Brown Fat

Until then, turn down the thermometer!

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