Spring Clean Your Social Media

Spring Clean Your Social Media
Negative or unflattering pictures and posts by others, which include your face name or persona, can be a liability to you. It's up to you to monitor what's out there regarding what you do. Are you OK with how people see you? If you are unhappy with what you see, odds are Mom, Grandma, Dad and (gulp) future employers are equally appalled at your antics.

For a start, check comments and tags of you. Are they reflective of the image you want? You can un-tag yourself or ask a friend that the photo of you on the side of the street puking your guts out be removed. If you have red eye in a picture of you, and the person posting is clueless about editing, express your desire to NOT look like a devil. You want a positive representation of yourself; one you as a person would be proud for others to see.

Next, ask yourself if you come off as narcissistic. Do you have more selfies than posts about other people. Do friends and family receive posts from you about them or about you and what you are doing? Are you acknowledging other people in your life or are you making sure the general population is up to date on your every move? Do you wish yourself a happy birthday? Posting pictures of you and your friends, you and your family, you and well, you everywhere?

Kim Kardashian is famous because she made a sex tape and posts more selfies than anyone else on the planet. If you see yourself as next in line with respect to self promotion as KK, ask yourself, "Does anyone care?" Does Instagram have a play by play of your vacation? From dozens of posts in just the departing airport and on the plane, to arriving at your destination, does anyone now care where you are? Much like anyone can burn out on their job, over promotion of who you are, what you have, where you are going and how you got there can be tiresome.

Discussing political, social, environmental and community issues is another aspect of social media that often needs a little disinfecting. How do you present a cause you are passionate about? If you love animals, yet only post how awful the world is for the neglected furry creatures, you aren't rallying for their cause. You are bringing everyone down. Likewise, the political advocate who is forever putting down their opponent. You need to educate the general population on the who and how. If you bombard your readers and friends with the what's and why's without making a case, you are just ranting. Tell others about what drives you and what you believe in. Inform them of why your cause is worthy of their time and effort. Resist giving everyone an acute awareness of what is wrong with the topics you support and stick to the positives.

If you want people to know about your cause, your vision, or yourself, make sure your social media comes across in the manner in which you would like to be represented. A hater, a negative ninny, a chest beating look at me, or a see what the other guy is doing wrong will never work to your advantage.

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