Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Raspberry

Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Raspberry
David Bradley is a franchise which is sold by many different companies. Their Sugar-Free chocolate raspberry cubes are sold in a 6oz small bag - perhaps 2.5" x 4.5" in size. At about $10 per bag, these are not low price. You get perhaps 18 "clusters" per bag. This really isn't too bad, though, when you are supposed to only eat three at a time! Savor them, don't gorge on them!

David Bradley Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Raspberry The David Bradley Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Raspberry cubes have a nice, gelatinous raspberry flavored interior. Raspberry and chocolate are a great flavor combination!

The outer dark chocolate coating is relatively soft - you don't have to bite hard to get through it. I like them that way. That chocolate outside is smooth, rich and perfectly chocolate flavored. There are no off tastes at all to indicate it is sugar free.

The raspberry gel inside is equally tasty. It is a lush, rich raspberry flavor which melds very nicely with the chocolate.

All in all I am very fond of these. They are the perfect treat in the evening while you're sitting by a fire, sipping some port, reading your favorite book.

The key here is to eat them in moderation. You don't want to mindlessly gobble down the entire package while you're not even paying attention to the flavor. Instead, appreciate each one. Savor that rich chocolate flavor. It will awaken your taste buds and give you far more satisfaction. Eat mindfully!

The downside here? First, the first three ingredients on the ingredient list are "maltitol, maltitol syrup, sorbitol." That is a HUGE amount of sugar alcohols. The label does NOT have any of the nutrition breakdown which, frankly, is illegal since they claim to be sugar-free. The FDA requires nutrition information on any sugar-free product. I'll report back if I get that from the company.

Second, the ingredient list says it has "almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews" even though there are technically no nuts in this food (as far as taste, at least). So anyone with nut allergies is going to have problems. Maybe they just list those items on the list because their equipment is also used for those products and they want to make people aware.

Well recommended in small quantities to soothe that chocolate craving!

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