Pillsbury Reduced Sugar Lemon Cake Mix

Pillsbury Reduced Sugar Lemon Cake Mix
I admit it. I normally am a fan of chocolate cake, and wouldn't make a lemon cake. However, we gave this a try with chocolate frosting and it was REALLY good. Highly recommended for any cake fans who want to watch their weight too!

First, the specs. It has 50% less sugar than normal cake, because it uses a combination of Splenda and sugar alcohol for sweetness. You end up with 5g of sugar alcohols per serving. If you're sensitive to sugar alcohols, give a small piece a try first to see how you react. Most of us have no issues with sugar alcohols and can eat with no problems at all.

Each serving has:
230 calories
3g of fat
no trans fats
300mg sodium
34g total carbs
1g fiber
5g sugar alcohol
1g protein

That means you get 28g of net carbs per serving. Yes, that is a lot! But remember this is FAR less than in a regular serving of cake. Scary as that might seem :) So if you're having a special event - a birthday, anniversary or so on - you would definitely want to make this cake rather than the high sugar variety.

The flavor on this is GREAT. It's not that fake, plasticky lemon flavor you find sometimes in foods. It is a full, rich lemon which is not overpowering. A lot of people have lemon cake with white frosting, but we had it with chocolate frosting and the combination was great.

Also, because the flavor is so rich, you can take small bites and really be satisfied. You don't have to gorge on 3 or 4 slices to feel like you got a lot of flavor. As with anything in life, the key here is moderation.

As far as making it, it's relatively easy. A cup of water, 1/3 cup of oil and 3 eggs. Cook at 350F for about a half hour. That's it! Cool, frost and enjoy.

I am just SO pleased that Pillsbury is continuing to create its Reduced Sugar line and expanding the flavor options. It is really encouraging that people are actively choosing lower sugar options for their desserts. We all need to be more healthy. Choosing a dessert that is delicious and has less sugar is an important step in that direction.

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