South Beach Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

South Beach Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
It's nice to have a tasty snack that isn't chock-full of sugar and trans fats. These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies aren't sugar-free, but they are much better than regular cookies.

First, I have to appreciate the way these cookies are packaged. They say a serving size is "one package" in the box, and the box has 6 individually wrapped packages in it. Each package holds 2 cookies. That means that it's easy to throw a package of 2 cookies into your purse or backpack, and to eat only 2. Most boxes are just full of loose cookies meaning it's tempting to eat the whole box, and difficult to bring a few along as a snack.

I admit that I was disappointed by the cookies themselves. The box (of course) makes them look big, fluffy, chewy and home-baked. They are actually flat and very hard, and not very chewy at all. Other cookie manufacturers have made some REALLY delicious cookies that are sugar-free and delicious. I'm not sure why Kraft is having trouble with the concept. Maybe they're just new to this whole healthy recipe thing.

You would think that the hard, crunchy cookie would at least have low carbs, and the texture is the sacrifice they had to make to get that. But actually they have 16g of carbs per 2 cookies, so that's relatively high in the low carb cookie world. Of that 3g are fiber and 3g are sugar alcohol (maltitol) so you're left with 10g net carbs.

Again that is VERY much lower than normal cookies, so you definitely should never be eating normal cookies if you're looking to be a healthy human. I do appreciate the 0g trans fats and that it's only 100 calories per serving. And it's not that the cookies taste bad - they have a reasonable cookie taste with a hint of oatmeal and little chocolate chips. I suppose it's more like eating a ginger snap than a cookie, though. The texture just isn't quite right.

Still, it's a nice treat for when you're on the go, and if this is your style of cookie that you enjoy, then you're all set!

I'll comment here that I keep these as a "special treat" on my shelves, and that one particular time I ate six cookies (3 packages) during a movie marathon. Bad, yes I know. I ended up having a very upset stomach for hours afterwards. So it's well worth it to abide by their only-two-at-a-time recommendations.

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