New Moon Manifesting

New Moon Manifesting
The new moon can be counted on to rise within each month. Is there something new you want in your life? Now is a perfect time to enlist the forces of nature to work with you. On many levels it’s possible to understand the power of the moon. You can think of this time between the new and the full moon as an opportunity to pull something mentally/spiritually to yourself.

This is one way that works for me in honoring and utilizing the awe-inspiring gifts of the lunar phases.
When the next new moon is upon us, take the time to hold in your mind that thing that you want. Let it be a positive, adding aspect – so that even if you want to get rid of a particular habit – you r focus is on what you want to replace it rather than wanting it to diminish. (There is another phase of the moon for that.)

In those few quiet moments, write out the thing that you want. Write it in the positive and be sure to include the feeling of how great it is to have that thing. For example,

I am so happy with my ******.


Man, it feels good to have/be doing *****.


I'm so excited that I'll have ***** very soon!

The point is to be able to easily identify with the happy emotions that the thing you want will bring you by just reading it.

Looking at this each morning helps me during the waning moon to remember that this thing is on its way to me. It also helps me tune my awareness without stressing or thinking about whether its coming. Each time I look at the paper, I'm reminded that it's already happening and it's amazing how that eases any anxiety.

Adding a picture that either symbolizes the change you want or is of the thing you want helps as well. There are studies that show how consistently seeing/envisioning what you want brings it to you faster. You're more tuned into it and therefore you're more aware of the opportunities that come along to get you closer to it.

I continue to read and feel my intention every morning until the full moon. My belief is that during the full moon is when you will really start to see your desire manifest. With this stressless focus, I am usually very amazed by the time the next new moon comes around. I find that I am either much closer than before or actually in possession of the thing/habit/etc. I wanted.

I encourage you to try this at the next new moon and commit to yourself to keep it up for this month. Pay close attention in the full moon phase and watch the magick unfold!

Do you have any new moon or manifestation stories of your own? Stop by the forum and share with us!

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