Lindt Creation 70% Chocolate

Lindt Creation 70% Chocolate
If you crave chocolate, there is definitely a way to get that chocolate fix and stay on a healthy eating system. Lindt Creation 70% is dark chocolate with mousse filling - and only 14g carbs / 240 calories per serving.

Your serving size is three large squares and to be honest I find one square to be quite satisfying! The key here is not to mindlessly munch down on the entire bar while watching a sad movie :) Break off the square you are going to eat, put the rest back into the fridge, and sit down with a lovely cup of your favorite drink to nibble on it.

The flavor is VERY dense. Every tiny little bite is full of flavor. You could literally shave off bits with your teeth and savor the richness of it. This has a double bonus. You are getting great antioxidants from the chocolate - and by eating only small amounts you are minimizing the caffeine that hits your system.

In that one serving you get 3g of protein and 5g of fiber!! Talk about a wonderful way to get fiber into your system :) You get 15% of your daily iron too.

There are no trans fats at all in this. there's only 20mg of sodium and 10mg of cholesterol. No matter what diet you follow, chocolate can work right into it.

Now, again, the key here is moderation. I know some people who routinely eat down several large chocolate bars a day. That does not lead to a healthy weight :) If you eat mindfully, really relishing and paying attention to what you are doing, you can get a great treat here. You get the wonderful flavors. You get the fiber and protein and other vitamins. You get the antioxidants.

Is there a downside to this bar? It might be hard to find - this is not the sort of thing found on the traditional check-out aisle rack. Also, it is a high end chocolate. It is best to keep this in the fridge so it stays healthy. It does have an expiration date on it. I don't know anyone who has had problems with the chocolate being around past its expiration date, but it is something to pay attention to. Not that it will "go bad" but it will start to lose its flavor.

Highly recommended for chocolate lovers! Wean yourself off of the high-sugar mass-eating chocolate, and go down to the high quality, high cocoa chocolates. It is definitely a step in the right direction, for many reasons.

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