Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires
The term Energy Vampire is a very melodramatic, albeit fitting term, for someone who survives off the energy of other people.

You have probably had the experience of spending time with someone, only to find yourself exhausted after the encounter, even if it was just time spent on the phone, through an email interaction, or even on internet forums. You may have said that this person drained you, and the interaction may have actually felt like your personal space was invaded.

Of course most people who suffer from the need to feed off the energy of others are not doing this maliciously, or intentionally, but rather because they are failing to connect to the infinite source of energy that is available to all beings everywhere. It just seems easier to attach to other people.

What is an Energy Vampire?

Everyone has an energetic connection to Source Energy (the Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you want to call it), and this universal energy is infinite. This vital force energy is what keeps you going; it animates the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. It’s also the creative force that inspires your acts of creation so you can co-create your life through following the guidance of your intuition.

An energy vampire, for whatever reason, does not choose to access this creative force, and instead will fill their energetic needs by drawing on the energy of other people. They make this energetic connection through acts that gain them attention in some way.

These acts may look like creating drama, complaining, constantly seeking approval, giving too much approval to others, being over-controlling in their relationships, or failing to honor personal boundaries. And what makes these the act of an energy vampire is that they are chronic (repeated actions) and the energy behind them is manipulation.

So anyone can, at any point, express any of these behaviors, but it doesn’t mean they are trying to draw on your energy. They are probably just having a hard day. And, you may have even done this yourself. Just keep in mind that the main force behind an energetic vampire is manipulation. Because of their lack of connection to universal energy, they feel they need to manipulate others so they can get their energetic fix.

It’s important to keep in mind that most energy vampires are just regular people, who don’t actually wish to cause harm to another. They just fail to recognize their own divinity, and are buying into the idea that they are separate from Source.

This being said, it is important to note that on rare occasions, there are people who consciously, and with intention, work to manipulate and draw energy from other people. Through their power of choice, they purposely thrive on the energy of others rather than universal energy. However, as this type of energy is very limited, they have to seek constant sources of energy from human companions.

So what can you do?

Remember that an energy vampire is not drawing on infinite source energy, but rather the limited energy of other people; this limits them. What this means is that as long as you are fully in alignment with Source, you have a much more powerful energy to work with.

So this is not really a matter of protecting yourself as it is a matter of maintaining awareness, and making conscious choices that honor your infinite nature. Setting boundaries, and refraining from getting caught up in the drama of others is a powerful way to honor your divinity and maintain a clear energy field.

What about people who need energetic support?

There will always be people in your life who need energetic support, just as at some point you will need the energetic support of someone else.

As an infinite being in a body, you are fully capable of sharing the healing energies of love and compassion, which you access by channeling the Light of Source energy (this is not your personal physical energy). This action won’t physically drain you! In fact, you should feel energized when you share energy from Source.

The key to sharing this Light is to nurture yourself, and take care of yourself physically. I’ve had clients who were new mothers, and felt they were being energetically drained by their children. But actually what was happening was their own personal reserves had become depleted. They were simply physically exhausted, which happens to new moms. Children, though they do require the loving energetic support of their families, are not generally energetic vampires, though this can happen in abusive situations. Children thrive on the loving Source energy channeled by their parents, not manipulative energy!

So, to be a source of light and healing for others, first take care of your physical body. Make sure you have time to recharge and get rejuvenated, and make sure your emotional needs are being met, and that you are supported in your own endeavors. When you are physically energized, it’s much easier to remember that you are an infinite being in a body, and that you have the power to clear those negative energies from your life with the power of your intention, and the physical actions that you take each day.

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