Using Crystal Card Oracles

Using Crystal Card Oracles
There are several crystal card decks available. At a basic level they can be used to draw a ‘crystal for the day’ however with practice a complex reading may result from their use. The crystal card decks are all relatively modern and so do not have the depth of association that has built up around traditional tarot decks, however this can release the reader from concerns about ‘getting it right’ and allow their reading to flow naturally from the intuition.

I use the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsan. I’ve found that they are reliable for me to read from and that the accompanying book contains much insight into the crystals and is very much in tune with the way I work. On several occasions recently I have checked on the properties of a new crystal to find that the book confirmed my intuition about it. My only real criticism of the cards is their size. They are tricky to hold & shuffle and on one memorable occasion a lady dropped the whole pack over the floor!

I also have the AORA Gemstone Oracle. I am less fond of the illustrations in this pack, but I often leave the cards out for the public to pick one at events & the results are uncannily accurate & appropriate read in conjunction with the 'message card' in the pack. A more detailed guide book is also included.

As with any means of divination framing and focussing on the question or issue is important and will have an effect on whether the reading is useful and pertinent or too vague. There are usually a variety of layouts suggested with the packs you buy. A couple of simple layouts follow.

Normally you select the cards you want by shuffling the deck well with the question kept in mind. The cards may be laid in one or more fans face down and holding your non-dominant hand over the cards you can sense a tingle or warmth from certain cards, in a similar way to selecting crystals by hand scanning. You can also use your intuition to draw your eyes to the cards you need to draw. Alternatively you may take cards from the top of a shuffled and cut deck.

Place the cards in order for the layout chosen. When you turn the cards face up you may get ideas about their meanings coming through from your intuitive mind, or you may prefer to read the meanings given in the booklet in your deck until you build your confidence.

Trinity Spread

This triangular spread taken from Judy Hall’s ‘Divination’ uses three cards to look at the mind, body and spirit aspects of any question you formulate and reminds us that all our actions and choices have an effect at every level.

1. The spirit aspect and guidance
2. The mind aspect and key lessons
3. The physical aspect and action called for

Butterfly Spread

This spread is from the Goddess Card Pack by Juni Pankhurst. It is one of my favourite spreads as it shows you how to transform a situation. It is laid out in the shape of a butterfly’s wings.

1. The situation, laid top right.
2. Represents a block, or what needs to happen, laid bottom left
3. Energies or people coming in, laid bottom right
4. Your own resources or skills, laid top left
5. The transformation, or outcome, laid in the centre as the ‘body’ of the butterfly

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