Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Benefits of Mineral Makeup
Haven’t tried mineral makeup yet? I highly suggest that you go ahead and test this new type of makeup out. And introduce your family and friends to it, anyone who wears makeup and is concerned about their skin. In my opinion, mineral makeup is what we should have had the option to wear all along instead of the synthetic, chemical laden cosmetics we’ve been subject to since the industrial age of science.

Let me explain. Mineral Makeup is makeup made from naturally occurring pigments from the earth. It’s non-comodegenic (non-pore clogging) and so doesn’t irritate the skin or even penetrate it – it’s a perfect solution for sensitive skin and mature skin and a smart, common sense alternative for all of us who want to keep our skin beautiful and problem free. We all are aware by now that the majority of the things put in cosmetic products are at the least unhealthy and with continued exposure, can even be life threatening. So when there’s a better alternative out there, it behooves us to at least check it out.

For all of the DIT (do-yourself) ladies out there, mineral makeup totally fulfills this urge too. From mixing a few key simple ingredients, aficionados can create their own blends to compliment their skin tone, outfits, or both. The multitude of color and texture that can be gotten is really amazing and the effects can be breathtaking.

The list of cool things about mineral makeup just continues. It’s also extremely versatile. One pot of loose pigment can be used as your eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, blush, and even eyeliner with the right brushes and a few extra items.

From a wellness standpoint, you have to give Mineral Makeup a try. It’s good for you in so many ways. First off, enhancing your natural beauty with color and pizzazz is plain out fun and inspiring! Second off, doing this with things you know are good for your body as well is such a warm and fuzzy thing, you’ll overflow with gratitude and positive feelings all around.

If you’re wondering now where to start with mineral makeup, I suggest beginning with a good foundation. I, in fact, think that if nothing else, every woman should have a good mineral makeup foundation.

If you’re looking for a place to get more information and advice, check out Mineral Makeup Mania. This forums’ members are warm, inviting, and extra helpful – kind of like the people here in ours:).

Enjoy and don’t forget to post on our own forum about what you learn!

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