Gol D Lite Malted Milk Balls

Gol D Lite Malted Milk Balls
The malted milk balls by Gol D Lite are dark chocolate, rich and delicious. They also have sugar alcohols to keep them sugar free - so eat only a few!

The balls are about 1" in diameter, maybe a little smaller. They have a dark chocolate coating on the outside that tastes just like a regular dark chocolate bar. There's no off taste here. The inside is light and crunchy with a regular malted milk taste.

You could easily eat a lot of these if you were not careful - but your stomach will warn you not to try that again :) Eat too many, and you're likely to get an upset stomach. Sugar alcohols aren't digested in the stomach - they're digested in the intestines. That's why they don't normally cause you to gain weight, but if you're sensitive to sugar alcohols, you can end up with "gastric distress" of various types.

Another downside is that you're maintaining your addiction to chocolate. If you keep yourself craving chocolate daily, and eating it in large quantities, then if you run into a situation where sugary chocolate is around, you're much more likely to eat it. Part of the reason many people are overweight is that they developed a sweet tooth. If you keep encouraging that sweet tooth, you're much more likely to stay heavy. If instead you wean yourself off, and start to enjoy fresh fruit or other non-raw-sugar desserts, you have a much better chance of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Still, if you have a special occasion coming up and your choice is going to be the sugar-free malted milk balls or the regular sugar malted milk balls, you should certainly NOT go with the sugar filled kind!! You get the same great flavor with these sugar free ones. The fact that you have to eat them in moderation is of course a GOOD thing - hopefully you are doing that anyway. If you savor and eat slowly, you appreciate things better no matter what type of food you are consuming!

I've only seen these available by website, never in a store. So if you're interested, be sure to stop by d-lectible.com :)

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