Natural HOMEMADE Anti-Aging Products

Natural HOMEMADE Anti-Aging Products
For those of us on a budget seeking to unleash our youthful glow without the muss and fuss of chemicals or shopping, simply check your refrigerator and cabinets for your next fountain of youth. The healthiest ideas for our bodies, inside and out, are always the most natural. Just as we are a part of nature, the elements that will help us to heal and grow best are directly from nature. To look your best try these homemade, all natural anti-aging products. You will feel like a good witch concocting some magical youth potion in your kitchen!

For each of the following three facial recipes, please start by washing your face and rinsing with warm to hot water to steam open your pores. Then, pat dry with a cloth. Always, check a small spot of skin first to be sure there are no allergic reactions to the ingredients, especially if you already know that you are allergic to one of the ingredients, then please skip that one. And, check with your Doctor if you are not sure. I have tried numerous homemade anti-aging mixtures from all natural ingredients and the following three are by far the most effective.

First, I like to call this one the Smooth Banana. As you are making this you will want to eat it, and you can, but try to reserve enough of it for your face. Mix half of a mashed banana with two tablespoons of honey. Spread this creaminess on your face and neck and rinse off with warm followed by cool water after twenty-five minutes. The effects are smoother, more supple, firmer skin. You can do this mask one to seven times a week depending on how much time you have, but the anti-aging effects are greatest when used as consistently as possible.

The honey contains amino acids important for protein and cell renewal, vitamin B and as an antibacterial agent rids our skin of toxins and helps to heal our skin. Bananas are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and potassium. Thus, eating these two ingredients and absorbing them into your skin can greatly benefit your overall health.

Second is the Egg Tight. Mix one egg white with one tablespoon of honey and spread on your face and neck. Please be sure to rinse this mask off after ten to fifteen minutes because it can start to hurt if kept on any longer. You will feel like your face is going to crack because the protein in the egg is firming and tightening your skin, along with the help of the honey. When you wash this one off your face will be tighter and firmer. Do this one once a week for noticeable firming effects.

Last, but not least, is the Double A Miracle. Avocado and Aloe Vera are the AA and the Miracle is that your skin will not only be firmer, more supple and smoother, but any acne and age spots will diminish as well. Mix together half of an avocado and two tablespoons of aloe vera. If you can get the aloe vera straight from a plant that is best, but if not look for this at your local health store in gel form and check that it is 100% aloe without a bunch of other added chemicals. Leave this mask on for 25 minutes, rinse with warm and then cold water and see and feel immediate results. If used more often, your skin will respond with more consistently firm and clear results.

The avocado contains healthy fatty acids which your skin will absorb and firm up from, and the aloe contains vitamins C and E helping to face age spots, heal your skin, and diminish adult acne. These two ingredients combined create a fantastically refreshing and effective natural anti-aging product.

Our skin helps to keep essential nutrients from being expelled from our bodies, and absorbs oxygen. In these ways and more our skin protects us. Just as our skin absorbs oxygen, it also absorbs and tries to filter toxins in the air. As our first line of defense from unhealthy environmental exposure it is even more important that we treat our skin well. As long as we nourish ourselves inside and out with the healthy nutrients of nature we will look and feel our best.

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