Spiritual Journaling Beginning

Spiritual Journaling Beginning
I love to keep a spiritual journal. It has been such a source of strength and comfort to me in times of sorrow, heartache or trials.

I have learned so much from my spiritual journal. I use my spiritual journal to record all the Bible studies I do in my quiet time, devotional time. This way I have a reference to come back to. I also use it to record the Lord’s faithfulness in my life. I was one of those grumbling, complaining Christians who was always saying “God hasn’t done anything for me lately.” Once I began my journey to record all the blessings, faithfulness and God’s goodness in my life, I was so amazed at how much I took for granted.

I want to share with you today a few of the different types of spiritual journals you might want to begin and than some prompts to help you get started.

1. A Prayer Journal Is simply a collection of your daily thoughts, prayers, memory verses, praises, trials and yearnings you are expecting or waiting on.
• Write out the prayers requests that you have for your immediate family. Husband, wife, children, mother, father, grandparents. Be specific in your requests as you write them out. I usually date all my requests too.
• Leave a space after each request so that you can go back and enter the Lord’s answer to this prayer. This will serve as a good reminder on how God answers prayer and can boost your faith.

2. Scripture Memorization Journal This is a place that I write out all the Scripture that I am memorizing. It is very helpful to write out the Scripture, as this helps commit it to memory. I write out the Chapter and Verse and than the Scripture. Under each entry, I write when I began to memorize this particular verse and when it was committed to memory. Than I also log a date for review, which is simply a date that I go back and review this verse to keep it fresh in my heart and mind.
• Reading the verse you are trying to memorize in context. Read the verses directly in front of the verse and immediately following it. Sometimes, I write these in my journal too.
• Ask yourself these questions, who, what, where, when, why, and how and share your discovery with your journal.

3. A Blessing Journal This is by far my favorite journal. Just recently the Lord has challenged me to go deeper in the blessings of my life. We should all be thankful for His provision, food, clothing, shelter, but try looking deeper with these suggestions:
• Where has God been in your life in the last day?
• What has God done for you today?

I plan to continue this idea for a few different parts, so keep reading with me to find the next installment.

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