TastyKake Sensables Chocolate Chip Bars

TastyKake Sensables Chocolate Chip Bars
TastyKake Sensables chocolate chip bars are soft cookie bars about 2" wide by 5" long. With 7g net carbs and 130 calories, they can make a reasonable alternative to a high sugar treat.

Let me first mention that I don't recommend eating junk food :) Your stomach can only hold so much food in a given day, and you might as well make it all nutritious. There are many very yummy natural alternatives out there for you - fresh raspberries, celery with peanut butter and raisins, and so on that give you flavor and nutrition too.

But I agree that there will be times that you are overwhelmed with an urge for chocolate, and you are reaching for that super-high-sugar item. In that situation, you definitely want to have an alternative that is at least "better for you". This cookie bar fits the bill.

The bars are individually wrapped, hopefully encouraging you to eat just one of them. Now normally this is a great thing - but the foil wrap they use is VERY tough. I almost went for scissors to get it open. That's a bit extreme. Is this supposed to be a child proof wrapper?

Still, it keeps the bar inside very moist. It really is like a homemade Tollhouse cookie bar. The cookie part is soft and tender. The chips are just the right texture and taste perfectly chocolaty. There is no off flavor or unusual flavor at all. It simply tastes like a cookie bar.

There is maltitol in here, to replace the sugar, so if you're sensitive to sugar alcohols give one a try and see how your stomach reacts. I haven't had any problem at all with these. The nutrition value is 130 calories, 19 total carbs minus 9g sugar alcohol and 3g fiber. That leaves 7g net carbs that affect you.

On the fat side, there are 8g total fat with 2.5g saturated fat and 1.5g trans fat. I realize that 1.5g really isn't that many, but still you would hope that they could come up with a formulation that doesn't involve trans fats. Hopefully they can work on that soon.

There is also 75mg of sodium, which is only 3% of your daily value. So no real problem there.

Well recommended as an emergency measure, if you are reaching for the sugary kind!

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