Grilled Tri Tip Steak Roast with Herbs Recipe

Grilled Tri Tip Steak Roast with Herbs Recipe
Tri-tip is triangular in shape and cut from the lower sirloin which has nice marbling, giving the beef a delicious flavor when cooked. This particular cut of meat is commonly found in the grocery stores on the west coast, especially California as opposed to the east coast.

In New York, for instance, you can purchase a hanger steak; one of the tastiest cuts out there, whereas in California you can't seem to find that particular cut of meat anywhere in sight! So, I'm claiming that the tri-tip roast is indigenous to California - no matter what anybody says! :)

There are many preparations as well as there are techniques in the cooking world for beef. Whether you want to grill indoors or outdoors and prefer a spicy bbq dry rub, an Asian-inspired marinade or simple salt and peppered beef – you know all will be good.

However, for the fresh herb lovers out there you need to try my version. I used fresh, garden herbs stolen from my mother-in-laws garden, along with garlic, salt and pepper plus a couple of pantry items. The aromatics from the herbs and garlic scent the meat with a delicate, fresh flavor – and sliced extremely thin – it’s to die for on a toasted roll with simply onions and mustard! Enjoy!


3-4 lb. tri tip roast
1/3 cup olive oil
3 tbsp. cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
3 cloves garlic, crushed
Finely ground black pepper
Kosher Salt
5 fresh sprigs of oregano, stripped (plus extra)
2 fresh sprigs Rosemary, roughly chopped (plus extra)
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped


Preheat an indoor grill on high and set the fans in place!
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

1. Place the roast in a bowl or container. In a separate bowl mix together the olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt and the herbs very well. Rub this mixture into the meat with your hands on both sides thoroughly. Set the meat aside at room temp for 1 hour to marinate or 4 hours to overnight in the fridge. Bring the meat to room temperature for 1 hour before grilling.

2. Grill the tri tip on both sides to get some great grill marks, approximately 4 minutes per side. Place the meat on a shallow baking/sheet pan and lay extra sprigs of oregano and rosemary over the top. These will add extra flavor whilst roasting and will practically disappear.

Roast for approximately 15 minutes for medium-rare. The internal temperature of the meat at the thickest part should read 130 degrees F. The meat will continue to carry over cooking for 10 minutes, so don't overdo your meat. If you want your meat cooked more, just leave it in the oven a little longer.

Remove the roast and it rest for approximately 10 minutes before you slice the meat extremely thin with a very sharp knife. Drizzle the yummy juices you collected in the pan (the Au Jus) over the sliced meat and enjoy any way you like!

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