Living Above Disappointment...Journal Prompts

Living Above Disappointment...Journal Prompts
Living Above Disappointment

Seven more days before Christmas. The season that abounds with joy and good cheer. For some joy and good cheer come in the way of disappointments. Many are spending this Christmas without loved ones or are dealing with relationship and family issues.

Whatever your circumstance this week I want to give six journaling prompts that will allow you to live above your disappointments and experience joy in spite of your situation.

Day One...Hear God’s message to you

Today I want you to consider the virgin Mary. She was engaged to be married and an angel comes to her telling her she will become pregnant. Was her pregnancy God’s message she was to hear? What were the first words spoken to her by the angel? Let me help you. “The angel went to her (Mary) and said, ‘Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.’” Then a few verses later when she finds the task set before her the angel tells her, “For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:28-37

When we are dealt with disappointments and changed plans our human response it to demand our rights, become a martyr, compare so you can have a pity party or blame someone. Today, instead of choosing one of those four responses try hearing God’s message to you. It is the same as it was to are highly favored and the Lord is with you.

It is God’s message that lets you live above your circumstances. Write about His message to you today.

Day Two...See God’s purpose

Let us reflect on trials and circumstances that are out of our control today. Pick one circumstance that was out of your control. Did you find joy in the midst of that circumstance? James 1:2-3 tells us to consider it all joy when trials come our way. Did Mary find joy when she had to tell her betrothed that she was with child? How did Mary deal with her disappointment?

Now that you have chosen your circumstance take a step back and see it from a different vantage point. Write about this circumstance from this vantage point.

Mary was with child to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophets. Her purpose in this trial was to fulfill Scripture and there is great joy in this.

Day Three...Worship God’s Son

There were three wise men that came looking for the Son. They came to worship Him only to find that no one knew where He was. After traveling months to worship this new born King they were met with disappointment.

Journal today about what it means to you to worship God’s Son. How do you worship Him? Or do you not know Him?

Day Four...Mary waited

One form of worship is to wait for God’s answer. This is a very private personal type of worship. It strengthens our faith and trust. Waiting on God’s answer is an active type of worship where you cling to His attributes.

Today, journal about a time you waited for God’s answer. What attributes did God show you about His character?

Day Five...Joseph obeys

Another form of worship is to obey. Joseph obeyed when he was told to marry Mary, to not touch her until the child was born, to travel to Bethlehem, to accept accommodations in a stable, to leave for Egypt and when to return to Nazareth.

Journal today about simply obeying. What and who do you obey today?

Day Six...The wise men gave gifts

Giving is worship. Ponder today about what type of giving constitutes worship. When is giving not worship?

Day Seven...The shepherds believed and told everyone

Today is Christmas. I am worshiping as they did writing this article. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Ponder the gift given by God Himself to you. Today is the perfect day to accept His present...You are favored...The Lord is with you...Nothing is impossible with God

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