Uses for WD-40

Uses for WD-40
WD 40 has graced the shelves of many a garage. Over the years, however, its uses have grown in number. With the main ingredient being fish oil, it’s safe for many surfaces, including animal. So, for anyone who ever used the engine lubricant as an arthritis pain reliever or cleanser, here’s a list of other ways to use WD-40.
Removes stickers/sticker residue from almost anything

    Cleans the bar-b-que grill
    Cleans tomato stains from clothes
    It removes road grim and tar from your car without damaging the paint
    Removes lipstick stains from clothing, walls and floors, including hardwoods
    Great for cleaning chalkboards
    Removes stains from stainless steel
    Removes scuffs from floors, whether they’re from shoes or chairs.
    Cleans glass stove tops and oven doors
    Keeps shower doors from getting ugly water spots – plastic or glass doors make no difference
    Re Cleans nail polish off hardwood floors moves felt tip markers from floors

    Use it on silver items to prevent tarnishing.
    Won’t let ceramic or terra cotta flower pots oxidize
    Keeps rust from forming on bikes, trikes, wagons, tools and grills
    Protects sewing needles from rusting – WD keeps them singing along

    Use it on livestock to keep the flies from lighting and biting.
    Makes the floor look shiny without making it slippery
    Hides scratches in marble and ceramic floors
    Loosens stuck zippers
    Untangles jewelry – even hopelessly tangled jewelry
    Keeps scissors cutting smoothly
    Makes windows slide open easier – just spray it on the slides and then open and close the window 3-4 times.
    Rub it on the stem of an umbrella to make it easier to open and close
    Cleans and restores leather dashboards and vinyl seats and bumpers in your car or truck
    Cleans roof racks on your vehicle
    Lubricates wheel sprockets on trikes, bikes and wagons
    Use it on the fan belts of your washer or dryer for smooth running
    Keeps rust from forming on tools
    Keeps mirrors from fogging
    Keeps pigeons off your porch or balcony – they hate the smell!
    Removes duct tape goo and residue
    Receives arthritis pain
    Cleans bugs from grills and the front of cars
    The caretakers of the Statue of Liberty use WD to protect the icon from the elements
    Spray it on fish bait (live or fake) to attract fish
    Removes crayon from walls with a spray and a swipe of a clean rag.
    Takes the sting out of fire ant bites
    Spray it on a wet distributor cap to displace the water and get the car to start right away
    Removes paint, gum, rubber cement,
    Loosens rusted or stuck bolts or plumbing joints
    Displaces moisture from wet cell phones, fishing tackle and guns
    Spray on the bottom of running shoes to keep moisture from penetrating
    Loosens stiff leather shoes
    Loosens strapping tape - even after a hurricane
    Use it on old guitar strings to clean and lubricate them.

    WD stops squeaks in both household and vehicle doors
    Eliminates squeaks in baby swings
    Eliminates squeaks in electric fans
    Actually, if something is squeaking, it’s probably a safe bet that WD-40 will make it stop

    There are over 3000 documented uses for the fishy lubricant on the WD-40 website. The most curious is one that most of us will probably never need. What is it?
    “Removes a Boa Constrictor stuck in engine compartment of cars.”

    Very interesting.

    I wonder who had the great fortune to discover that one.

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