CarbRite Brownie Mix

CarbRite Brownie Mix
CarbRite Brownie Mix includes chocolate chips in it - and the resulting brownies are only 1.5 grams of net carbs per large brownie! That's only 174 calories. This is definitely recommended for anyone who loves chocolate and wants to be healthy too.

The brownies are very easy to make. You add in 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of butter and a teaspoon of water. That's it. Bake for just under an hour, then chill for an hour in the fridge.

What's neat about the brownies is you have options as to how they come out. Depending on how long you bake them, you can get them to be more cake like or fudge like. We like them about half and half.

The chocolate chips seem to "sink" into the mix, which gives it the fudgy aspect on the bottom layer. It's a really nice texture, with a crispy top. Even several days later, the ones that are left (assuming you eat them at a reasonable pace) are still quite tasty.

Now I do want to comment that you SHOULD eat them only one at a time. My boyfriend was a bit greedy when we first made these, and ate a bunch. These are LOADED with sugar alcohols. There are 15g of sugar alcohols per serving. This gives it a fantastic sweet flavor - but they cause digestive problems if eaten in large quantities. One brownie is fine. Six brownies .... less fine. Be wise. Eat just one.

Some people ask me why they don't just use Splenda instead of sugar alcohols. Splenda doesn't bake as well as sugar alcohols do - the flavor comes out differently. I really do believe this is the best formulation for its fantastic flavor, but again, be aware of the content. Eat in moderation.

I really love these. You get a rich brownie flavor for hardly any calories and almost zero carbs. It really is quite ideal for anybody who loves chocolate - on any eating plan - who wants to avoid sugar.

The nutrition values are: 174 calories, 12g fat (no trans fats), 55mg sodium, 3g fiber, 15g sugar alcohols, 1.5g net carbs. You get tiny amounts of some vitamins, nothing to really consider important.

I would even recommend parents make these for their kids, if their kids demand chocolate, rather than giving them sugary versions.

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