A Mission of Mercy

A Mission of Mercy
Michela Glad is a Christian woman who has found her God given purpose. She has been a Christian since the age of five and a hairdresser for seventeen years. God spent some time polishing her faith. She spent time learning to balance God, family and career until one day she knew she had to give back. Now, on her days off work, Michela can be found visiting hospitals and the homes of those who are house-bound for medical reasons, helping them maintain their hair.

L: Tell me about the people you help.
They are either battling cancer, post surgery, bed rest during or after pregnancy, recovering from automobile or motorcycle accidents etc. and I help them figure out what to do with their hair. For cancer patients, I help figure out what style they can wear their hair before and during and after chemotherapy. I teach them or a family member how to style their hair during the "falling out" or "growing back" process. For people who have had surgery and their hair has been cut or shaved I help blend that in or give them a style they can deal with during their recovery. For automobile or motorcycle accident patients when their arms and shoulders are broken and they can't reach their hair I will figure out an easy style that looks good that a family member can help them with. These are a few examples of my ministry, but of course, it doesn't matter the need, it just matters that I can help.

L: How did you decide what your ministry would be?
For a while, God put on my heart that I needed to give back to the community. The only thing He didn't tell me is how. So, I spent weeks thinking of other things I could do to give back to the community. I thought I could volunteer at the hope center and help young girls, I could go on a missions trip and help with VBS, I could make a trip and help build houses for Katrina victims, the list goes on and on. For whatever reason, I kept thinking what else can I do, I know there is something I can do to give back, but what? It didn't dawn on me at first, to help people with their hair because I do that all day long in the salon and I didn't think that was special enough. (wow what an idiot I was)

A brother of one of my clients was in a terrible motorcycle accident and he spent months in the hospital. My client would come in to the salon each month and we would talk about how he was and his progress. Unfortunately, he was getting worse and he was in a coma for weeks and eventually died. Six months later, we got to talking about how I wanted to give back to the community and she said, " ya know, my brother was a Harley kinda guy" long hair, long beard, clean, but scruffy looking. When he had his motorcycle accident and had surgery, the nurses shaved his head and shaved off his beard. (in order to better care for him) At the funeral, in the casket he looked like someone else, it was so upsetting because he didn't look anything like he did before his accident. It would have been nice if someone could have come to the hospital to help maintain his hair and beard, even cut it short but not shave it off completely. That is the last memory I have of him - all shaved." That story touched my heart and I felt bad because if I would have known they needed help I could have helped him maintain his look and the family have a better visual memory of him. Even if there wasn't anything they could do for him medically or physically, I could have helped them with his appearance while he was still alive. So after that, I decided that I could help people and families like theirs.

I had another opportunity to help a friend's sister while she was going through chemotherapy. She had long hair and was going to lose it. I helped her find a style in medium length that complimented her face shape. Then as chemo treatments went on I helped her go to a short style, that way it wouldn't be such a shock when it all fell out. The opportunities are endless.

L: Why do you know you need to do this?
I just felt that the Holy Spirit was convicting me to give back to the community and I have a God given talent that I can use to touch peoples lives. Out of obedience to Christ by serving others, besides I enjoy making people feel better and maybe making a difference in their life. I printed business cards to hand out to people instead of them paying me. My card explains why I do what I do. It reads:

1 Peter 4:10 "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

At the bottom of the card it says, "Someone" has already paid. I put that on there because I know I've already been paid - my reward is in heaven. It has a double meaning and can open the door for conversation. "Someone " has already paid, means Christ has already paid the price for our sins by dying on the cross.

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