True Meaning of Success

True Meaning of Success
Children with disabilities can succeed in life. The true meaning of success varies from one person to the next. The first step to success is to understanding yourself. Deficits in reading and math can have a negative impact on learning. Difficulties with attention and organization skills may also make learning a challenge. Emotional and behavioral issues, along with motor deficits may also add additional challenges. Understanding how each issue affects the child can make the difference between success and failure.

Successful individuals understand that limitations exist. They are also aware of their talents. Because all children learn differently, it is evident that the learning style plays a large part in the learning process. A visual learner may have a hard time comprehending material that is read. A child may have strong abilities in math, but struggles in reading.

The amount of perseverance applied to any given goal can make all of the difference. Successful people are not successful because all things just happened to fall into place. A successful person has a goal to achieve. They have a plan that will make those goals come into fruition. Most importantly, these goals must be realistic and attainable. They must line up with the strengths and weaknesses.

A strong support system is needed for guidance and support. Support can come from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, or mentors. A highly successful child will learn from the guidance and support received. Eventually, the support received will not be needed as much. The child will become more independent. Children that are not as successful may need guidance and support from others for longer periods of time. Some may never become fully independent.

All people dealing with learning disabilities experience stress in everyday life. School, home, and social situations can lead to stress. Learning how to cope with these stressful situations can make life much easier. Awareness of the emotional trigger will allow the child to avoid or cope with the situation much better. The simple task of planning for certain situations, asking for help, or changing activities can minimize the stress level.

Children with learning disabilities grow into adults with the same disabilities. The key to success lies within coping methods used to minimize stressful situations. The knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, perseverance, goal-setting, and a strong support system can lead to a successful future. An “I can” attitude can make the difference between a success and failure in any situation.

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