Renewing Yourself During Spring Cleaning Season

Renewing Yourself During Spring Cleaning Season
We are in the season of spring cleaning and many of us have been in the frame of mind of de-cluttering and paring down. 

While this is definitely a good thing, I always like to remind myself and others that spring time also means renewal and refreshment. We can plant new seeds for what we want in our lives and it's a perfect time to recommit to ourselves in fun, lighthearted ways. 

One of the most important ways of recommitting to yourself is recommitting to having pure fun and moving through life totally in the bliss of the moment. Notice I said the "bliss" of the moment. Of course, it's always a good thing to connect to the now however when you can connect to good feelings within that moment, the positive effects are even greater. 

Here are three very simple ways of doing this that you can add to your spring cleaning to-do list. 

1. Make Time for Movies 
I finally admitted to myself a few years ago that I love movies. The problem is I rarely get to watch them and the biggest reason for this is that I don't feel justified in making time for them. I'm sure I'm not the only one that struggles with this either! This spring, give yourself permission to watch a movie once a week with no guilt attached. Movies are masterful at pulling us into the present moment and getting us out of our heads. Chose a genre you really enjoy and revel in the fun of watching it. 

2. Go for a walk once a week 
This is a great activity to take up in spring time. The weather is getting nicer and signs of life are popping up everywhere. Losing yourself in the fascination of this is a great way to experience moments of bliss. Who can help but feel renewed when really paying attention to your surroundings in spring time. Being securely "in the moment" will undoubtedly tap you into that feeling of refreshment and newness.

3. Meet with friends once a week 
This is perhaps one of the best ways to renew yourself. When you are spending time with friends, you are instantaneously drawn into the moment. This is something we often let slip through the cracks however, promising ourselves that we'll get together with so and so soon because right now we have too much to do. This spring is a great time to finally make time to see our friends and just enjoy being in the moment with them. Sharing laughter and good times in an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance does wonders for the spirit. The more you experience this atmosphere, the more rejuvenated and refreshed you'll feel, exactly what you want for this season.

These activities and many others can help you spring clean and brighten up your inner self this spring. If you are at a loss with coming up with other ideas, a good exercise to do is to write down a few activities that you know bring you joy just in doing them. Within the next month, make time for one of these once a week. Even if you have to take something else off of your schedule (prioritize what's absolutely important and then with the less pressing things, decide which can be done at a later date). Let this spring not just be about another to-do list; get some care for yourself in there too and make it a habit!

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