National Adopt-A-Cat Month

National Adopt-A-Cat Month
June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month. Around 4 million cats enter shelters each year, including thousands of kittens born during the spring and summer: a time known as “kitten season.” During Adopt-A-Cat Month many shelters offer discounts or special adoption fees to promote placing these precious cats into forever homes. If you are considering adopting a cat in the near future, contact local shelters and rescue groups to see if they are offering any kind of special for Adopt-A-Cat Month.

To find shelters and rescue groups in your area, you can search Petfinder.

If you are contemplating cat adoption, but are still on fence, please consider the following:Buy at

  • First and foremost you will be saving a life. Nearly as many cats who are in households are euthanized each year, due to pet overpopulation.

  • Cats will enrich your life and bring you hours of endless entertainment.

  • Caring for a cat can help teach your children responsibility and value of life.

  • Cats are independent, yet social. They can be left alone while you're away, yet they show lots of unconditional love and affection.

  • Cat ownership is healthy. It can reduce stress levels, blood pressure, and help prevent heart disease.

  • Cats are very clean animals. They bathe themselves, and sometimes even their companion cats.

  • Using a litter pan comes naturally to a cat. They don't need to be housebroken.

  • If you live in an apartment or small house, a cat might be the perfect pet. Cats don't necessarily need a lot of space.

  • Even indoor cats can get plenty of exercise. Oftentimes you will see an indoor cat dart madly through the house! This is only one of the times cats provide you with priceless entertainment.

  • There is nothing quite like the sound of a purring cat. Especially when the purring cat is resting next to you.

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