Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

Essential Oils for Healthy Hair
Essential oils are a great addition to your hair care routine. They are easy to use and can make a dramatic difference in how your hair grows and feels everyday! Essential oils are really and truly nature's secret beauty power punch!

Depending on your hair type, different essential oils while work best in bringing about healthy, balanced hair. I've listed them in two categories below.

Essential Oils for Dry Hair
Lemon, Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary Verbenone are good essential oils for hair that typically gets drier between washings. Any version of curly to coily hair falls into this category. Following are the specific properties of each oil.

Lemon – Lemon is a very common essential oil and is easily found. Lemon acts as a clarifier for the scalp, helping with dandruff and other scalp conditions. It's best to use very little with drier hair because it can dry even oily hair out.

Basil - Basil is very stimulating to the scalp and encourages hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair's root.

Peppermint – Peppermint is another stimulating essential oil that encourages hair growth. It makes sure the root of the hair gets the proper nourishment. It is also a great astringent for the scalp and can help with dandruff and other scalp conditions.

Rosemary Verbenone – This particular strain of Rosemary is pretty much the exact same plant except that it is more regenerative than the other types. Rosemary is a wonderful essential oil for every hair type. It is stimulating and so increases hair growth. It has a great nutrient balance that also supports hair growth and it's used to help dandruff and dry scalp as well.

Essential Oils for Oily Hair
Patchouli, ylang ylang, and Thyme are three essential oils that help cut down the greasy feeling of overly oily hair and help restore it's balance.

Patchouli - Patchouli cuts through the oil and helps clear the scalp of dandruff.

Ylang Ylang - Ylang Ylang is a great antiseptic and astringent. Because of this, it cuts through grease and oil. It has healing properties and so can be extremely helpful to scalp psoriasis and other conditions. It's been reported to thicken hair and help protect split ends.

Thyme - Thyme is very good for deep cleansing the hair and is also a good preventative for dandruff.

These essential oils are all very easy to use. The easiest method is to create a carrier oil mix that also has therapeutic properties for your hair. You add the essential oils in varying numbers of drops and then you apply to your hair. You can apply it as a leave in conditioner, as a scalp conditioner with a pointed applicator bottle, as a deep conditioner with a plastic cap on for an hour or so, or as an everyday moisturizer. The best thing to do is to play around and see what works for your hair.

In the next article, I will be talking about essential oils good for all types and giving some more information on carrier oils. Enjoy!

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