Asher's Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jelly

Asher's Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jelly
If you're craving chocolate, you can still stay away from sugar! Asher's provides sugar-free delicious items which taste exactly like sugar-filled chocolate, while keeping your health in control.

These chocolates are just the right size - about two inches long, and just under an inch thick around. You can have one or two of them with a nice glass of port or Bailey's. This is the key - you want to savor these in reasonable amounts.

Pretty much all sugar-free chocolates are made with sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are awesome for cooking purposes - far better than other options. However, they are also items you have to get used to over time. People who have not had sugar alcohols before should just start with one or two to get their bodies used to them. Once you get used to sugar alcohols you can eat more, but be sure to start slowly!

A serving size of these chocolates is three pieces. I am quite happy eating two of them - again, the key is to savor, to really treasure each piece. But let's say you choose to eat three of them. That gets you 140 calories. There are 2.5g of saturated fat and no trans fats. No cholesterol and only 10mg (not even registering on the scale) of sodium. You get 1g of protein.

For carbs, this is where you have to pay some attention. There are 37g of total carbs which sounds like a LOT. However, 30g of those are sugar alcohols. Again these don't "count" in terms of your body processing sugar. They go in, and go out. So that only leaves 7g of "countable" carbs.

Now take away the 5g of fiber in that serving. It's impressive that they can fit 5g of fiber in three delicious chocolate pieces! So if you take the 7g minus 5g that only leaves 2g of actual countable carbs for your chocolate serving! Talk about wonderful!

So let's review again. The taste is absolutely delicious. I think these are superb and I greatly enjoy savoring them. You want to savor them in moderation - the key here is to enjoy in small amounts. Sugar alcohols are tasty but aren't meant for gobbling. The fiber and carb values are great.

I bought mine with my own money from - they did a great job with shipping quickly, and packing well!

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