Pictures of Pregnancy Stages of Development

Pictures of Pregnancy Stages of Development
These delicious pregnancy stages pictures will show you what you and your precious baby will look like during each of the different stages of pregnancy development. You can go directly to the pictures of pregnancy stages or keep on reading for more information.

You're going to love these pregnancy pictures. They'll help you to understand what's happening inside your body and add extra color and fun while you're waiting for your little bundle of joy.

All of the nine stages of pregnancy compare your baby's size to the size of a nutritious fruit or vegetable. Yummy! It's a tasty pregnancy adventure that puts more joy in the journey.

Development Stages of Pregnancy Pictures

Pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks counting from the first day of your last normal period.

These nine pictures of pregnancy stages of fetal development show how your baby is growing inside you. Just click on each week listed below to find the picture you're looking for.They say one picture's worth a thousand words. Now that you've seen those delicious pregnancy pictures, I'm sure you'll agree. After all, each of the stages of pregnancy and your entire birth experience might as well be a joyful adventure for everyone concerned.

Having an idea of what your baby looks like during each stage of development can help you to maintain encouraging thoughts and feelings. This positive attitude is very important to the health of both you and your developing child. It's like having your very own treasure map.

Focus on the Treasure within You

The drawings at the links above show you how your baby will grow over all nine months of pregnancy. But the weights and measurements that are used are based on averages. And since no two pregnancies are ever the same, don't be surprised when there are differences.

Your own exciting pregnancy experience will be unique, just like your baby will be one of a kind.

These pictures of pregnancy stages of development, showing you how your baby is growing inside your body, offer a great way to stay positively focused and enthusiastic. It will make your pregnancy adventure more rewarding and keep you looking forward to the happy ending.

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