Biblical Girls Names - A through D

Biblical Girls Names - A through D
This is a list of a few of the names in the Bible. Some of them you may have heard recently and some of them you might want to use.

These are by no means all of the women in the Bible. The meanings are correct to best of my knowledge at this time.

Abigail____In Hebrew means ‘father rejoices’ Read about her here.

Abital_____"Whose father is as dew" Abital was the mother of Shephatiah, who was a son of David. (2 Samuel 3:4)

Adah_______adornment, beauty

Angel______Greek for ‘messenger’

Anna_______In Hebrew, ‘grace’or 'favor' Read about her here: Anna, of the Bible

Anah_______'one who answers or one who sings'

Ariel______In Hebrew, ‘lion of God’

Bathsheba____"Seventh daughter or daughter of an oath" Read about Bathsheba and David.

Bathshua____daughter of opulence

Candace_____ Queen or Ruler of Children

Claudia_____lame - She was one of the friends of Paul who sent greetings to Timothy. Paul wrote this letter while in prison in Rome. (2 Timothy 4:21)

Cozbi_______deceiver or deception – (Her parents probably were disappointed that she wasn’t a son)

Chloe______In Hebrew, ‘green grass’ She is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 1:11. Members of her household brought information to Paul about the church in Corinth.


Deborah____In Hebrew, ‘honey bee’ Not a mild-mannered little bee, she was a warrior and Judge of the Old Testament. Read about the two Deborahs of the Bible.

Delilah____delicate or dainty one ..She was beautiful, but she used seduction and persistent nagging to entice Samson to reveal the secret of his strength. Read about Delilah.

Dinah______In Hebrew, ‘just’ 'justice' 'one who judges'

Dodai______In Hebrew, ‘his beloved’

Dorcas_____the female of a roebuck (gazelle) – This was an emblem of beauty - In the Bible, she was a woman who died and was prayed for by Peter and raised to life. Read about her Here !

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