Biblical Boys Names - A through I

Biblical Boys Names - A through I
This is a list of a few of the names in the Bible. Some of them you may have heard recently and some of them you might want to use. These are by no means ALL the men's names in the Bible. They are just the ones I picked out to use here. The meanings are to the best of my knowledge at this time. You may know of other meanings. If so, please let me know, I may include it here.

Able ________ "that which ascends, a vapor, something doomed to fade" Able was
the second son of Adam and Eve.

Abner _______He was the masterful commander of Saul’s army

Abraham ____The father of the Jewish faith and an example of living faith in the New testament

Absalom _____In Hebrew means ‘father of peace’

Adam ________God created him first. Possibly comes from the Hebrew word for ground. Used regularly as a word meaning ‘mankind’ or ‘man’

Alexander ____The son of the man who was forced to carry the cross, Simon from Cyrene Mark 15:21

Amos ________In Hebrew, burden-bearer. He was a prophet.Read about him.

Amoz ________The father of the prophet Isaiah

Andrew ______His name comes from the Greek word for “manly.” Andrew was a fisherman and a follower of John the Baptist when he became the first of the 12 disciples called by Jesus. See 5 Most Popular Boy's Names

Asa _________He was the great-grandson of Solomon - He reigned in Jerusalem 911-870 BC. His strong point was that he was fully committed to God. Read more

Barnabas ____"Son of Encouragement" Read about Barnabas.

Benjamin ____He was the twelfth son of Jacob. His mother, Rachel died as she gave birth, naming him BenOni, meaning ‘Son of sorrow’ but Jacob later changed it to Benjamin meaning ‘Son of my right hand’

Boaz ________In Hebrew, ‘strength is in him’ Read more here and here!

Cain ________"to get, to posess, acquisition" He was the first son of Adam and

Cornelius ___The first Gentile convert (Acts 10)

Dan _________In Hebrew, ‘judge’ or ‘judgment’ 'He provides justice.'

Daniel ______In Hebrew, ‘my judge is God’ Read about Daniel here.

David _______Possibly from the Hebrew word meaning ‘beloved’ He was 'a man after God's own heart.' Read about David. Choosing a Leader - David and David and Bathsheba

Eli _________In Hebrew, ‘the Lord is uplifted’ Read about Eli and Fatherhood.

Elijah ______'My God of power' or 'God is my power'

Esau ________It may mean 'hairy' He was also called Edom which means 'red'

Ethan _______A Very wise man. See Most Popular Boy's Names

Felix _______In Latin, ‘happy’

Gabriel _____In Hebrew, ‘man of God’, ‘strength of God’, 'God's Hero', 'the mightly one', 'God is great' Read about The Angel Gabriel here.

Gersham _____Sounds like the Hebrew for 'an alien there.'

Immanuel_____A name for Jesus meaning 'God with us.'
Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23

Isaac _______In Hebrew, ‘laughter’ He was the son of Abraham and Sarah

Ishmael_____He was the son of Abraham and Hagar-not the son of God's covenant
Read about Hagar and Ishmael here.

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