The Walls of Spain ~ A Book Review

The Walls of Spain ~ A Book Review

The Walls of Spain ~ A Book Review

Author: J.D. Alcala Bennett
Publisher: jhousepublishing
ISBN#: 13: 978-0-97652-4-0
Pages: 178 pages - soft cover
Cost: $12.95
Cover Design: Olivier Melnick
Received: Free Copy for Review


Day-to-Day journal writings assist a 21-year old JD to face difficult and life changing choices in his life. His Ska band, Mentone Tones, had just begun promoting their first full length album when his sister called from Spain asking him to come help her. This book draws a clear picture of how he answers his sisters call while keeping his comittments to his Ska band. JD learns the gift of obedience to a faithful heavenly Father through his choices.


I began reading this book with no pre-concieved notions as to what I would find. The first surprise was learning what a 'Ska' band was as I had never heard this term. My second surprise was the easy style this book offered the reader.

The writing style was that of a journal beginning in April 2002 and ending in July of the same year. This caused me to feel as if I was hearing a story being told. I found that I did not want to put it down until the story had concluded!

JD begins by sharing the success of his Ska band. He loved performing and was attending college to receive his B.A. in Theater. Life was exciting and moving fast for this young man of 21 years. Then life changed with one phone call. The call was from his only sister. She was a missionary in Spain with her husband and 2 children. She needed his talents to adapt and produce a play in Arroyo, Spain.

Immediately, he tells us, that he felt his head was spinning with this request. I found myself wondering how he would handle the situation placed before him. How could he refuse his sister and keep his promises to his band members? The story had begun and I was hooked!

The remaining journal entries share his innermost thoughts and conflicts as he decides to go to Spain. I found myself laughing and anxious at times as I read his story. A story that ultimately changed his life forever. JD left to help his sister and came home to perform for the remainder of the year. However, his time in Spain became part of his heart, soul and future.

JD paints a clear picture of how obedience brings joy and surprises unimaginable. I was encouraged by this young mans journey through unexpected circumstances.

I highly recommend taking the time to read about JD's journey. It is a quick read filled with humor, decisions and inspiration.

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