Joseph's Flax Oat Bran Pita Bread

Joseph's Flax Oat Bran Pita Bread
Joseph's Flax Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Flour Pita Bread has a super long name, trying to fit every "healthy part" of its ingredient list into that header. In essence this is a low carb, no trans fat, high omega-3 version of pita bread for wraps and dips.

I eat a fair number of pita breads and wraps in my weekly menu. You need to be aware up front that this is a little "floppier" than most standard pita breads. It does still have a reasonable texture, but it doesn't have the firmness that some others have. For most applications this really doesn't matter much. You're holding the bread / sandwich in your hand anyway as you eat it.

The flavor is reasonably fine. I mean, what does pita bread really taste like? :) It has a mild, bready flavor.

The benefit here is in the nutrition. For a given pita, there is 8g of carbs - but you get a whole 4g of fiber here! So there's only 4g of net carbs, plus you get 4g of great fiber into your system.

On the fat side, you're in great shape here. There are only 2g of fat, with no saturated fat and no trans fats.

There's also 6g of protein - always a nice thing!

There are all sorts of great ideas for things to do with a wrap.

First, you can make an egg salad wrap. Egg salad is super fast to make, especially if you have one of those microwave egg boilers. Mix it up, wrap it in the wrap, add some lettuce if you want, and enjoy!

Tuna is another great thing to use with wraps. Cans of tuna keep indefinitely on your shelf. Mix up some tuna with some mayo or oil, maybe add in some olives or capers, and you're all set! A perfect snack or lunch.

Another thing I like to use pita with is hummis. Hummis has fiber and protein in it - and is tasty! If you put some hummis into a ramekin, scoop out portions with the pita bread, it's quite "comfort food" and relaxing. Perfect with a glass of wine.

In general pita bread is a great low-carb substitute for bread - and also for chips. Highly recommended for anyone on a healthy eating way of life!

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