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Assassins Creed Walkthrough

I *adore* the game Assassin's Creed. This game offers incredible motion of the main characters when moving and fighting. I literally could sit there and watch for hours as we created our walkthrough, enjoying the fight sequences. I've had fun playing many games but I've never had that sense before that this was a fantastic movie that I wanted to sit and watch. It's a game that every gamer should own.

We played this through (several times) on the Xbox 360. I believe the progress is the same on the PS3. The walkthrough I'm posting is the first pass - we are in the process of validating it and will post the validated version shortly.

Assassin's Creed Basics
Basic History
General Tips
Quest Activity Types

The Walkthrough
The Lab and Memory Block 1
Memory Block 2
Memory Block 3
Memory Block 4
Memory Block 5
Memory Block 6
Memory Block 7

Achievements, Flags & Templars
Acre Flags
Hospitalier Flags - Poor District
Templar Flags - Rich District
Teutonic Flags - Middle District

Jerusalem Cross Flags
Rich District
Middle District
Poor District

King Richard Flags
King Richard Flags

Masyaf Flags
Masyaf Flags

Saracens Flags
Rich District
Middle District
Poor District

Templar Locations

Assassins Creed Review

Walkthrough Index

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