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Dead to Rights Walkthrough

Dead to Rights is a film noir first-person-shooter where you're a cop that has been set up to take the fall. You walk through the gritty city streets making wise asides with your trusty dog, Shadow. Lots of blood, dames who fall for you, people you love getting shot, and bad guys. Throw in many Matrix-style special effects and slow-mo fighting and you've got the idea.

CHAPTER 1: Last Call
CHAPTER 2: Den of Iniquity
CHAPTER 3: Iron Point
CHAPTER 4: Black Orchid
CHAPTER 5: A Late Goodbye
CHAPTER 6: Mayhem Incorporated
CHAPTER 7: No Vacancy
CHAPTER 8: A Boatload of Trouble
CHAPTER 8: A Boatload of Trouble Part 2
CHAPTER 9: A Billion in Bullion
CHAPTER 10: Full Circle
CHAPTER 11: Post Riot Syndrome
CHAPTER 12: The Stash
CHAPTER 13: Greed
CHAPTER 14: Heavy Cargo
CHAPTER 15: Story of the Century

Dead to Rights on PS2 Review

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