Fitness Walking

Basics for fitness walking. Tips for beginners and refresher courses for all. Includes using pedometers, RPE, walking logs and more.

Formulas for Burning Calories with Walking star
How many calories do you burn walking? This article will help you find out.

Increase your Walking Endurance star
How's your stamina? Can you keep up? Do what you used to do without paying the price the day after? If you need more endurance, read this article for building it with walking.

Average Walking Pace or Speed star
How fast are you walking, what is the 'average' speed for men and women ?

Benefits of Walking Poles star
The benefits of using walking poles will surprise you. Read this article to find out.

Best time to go walking star
Choose the best time of the day for your walking.

Boost your Metabolism star
Have you ever felt cursed by a "slow metabolism"? Do you wish you could boost your metabolism? You can! This article will give you some basic tips on how metabolsm works and three pretty simple things you can do to increase yours.

Breathing and Walking star
The best way to breathe when walking

Brisk Walking Pace star
For maximum health benefits we are recommended to walk at a brisk pace. How can you determine whether or not you are walking at a brisk pace?

Buying new footwear star
Tips to help you choose the right footwear for your walking.

Choosing the right clothing star
Help on choosing the right clothing that will help you enjoy your walking

Choosing the Right Walking Shoe star
Choosing the right walking shoe is an important part of starting your walking program. Here are the features you need to look for in a great walking shoe.

Converting Steps to Miles star
How do you convert the steps you walk every day into miles to find out how far you are walking?

Find your fitness level star
How to work out if the pace you walk at means you are just fit or really fit.

Get your children walking star
Ideas to inspire you and your children to go walking

How to measure your step or stride star
What is a stride and how you can measure your stride.

Interval Walking star
If your goal is to lose weight and tone your body then interval walking is a great way to work out. If you are fighting walking boredom or if your weight-loss goals have stalled interval walking will amp up your routine.

Look after your feet star
How to make sure your feet stay in prime walking condition.

New to Walking - Rosie's Story star
Rosie, aka Skyhaven, is a BellaOnline forum member and frequent contributor there. She is also very new to walking. Here is Rosie’s story.

Senior Walking star
Walking is good for you! Find out how it makes sense to include it in your daily activities as you grow older.

Six Week Challenge star
Take the six week walking program challenge. Here is a simple way to incorporate a new exercise routine into your daily schedule.

Stroller Walking Groups star
Stroller walking groups can help moms stay in shape while entertaining the baby and networking with other moms. Joining or starting one today can help you teach your child healthy habits, and you'll be better able to deal with your busy mom lifestyle.

Ten Minute Walks - Step up to Painless Fitness star
Just ten minutes a day of walking briskly will make such a difference in your quality of life. If you can do that three times a day, you will be getting a decent amount of exercise and gaining real health benefits from it.

Ten Week Walking Plan star
Would you like to be healthier and fitter? Then start a walking plan today.

Using a step counter star
Counting your steps can be fun, find out how to plan a walking program to suit your lifestyle.

Walk or Lift Weights? star
A couple of readers have written me lately in exercise distress. They have heard that they should give up walking and just strength-train two or three times a week for fitness and weight loss. So, is that true? Can you just lift weights and skip other forms of exercise?

Walk yourself slimmer star
How to lose weight when walking

Walking and Trekking Poles star
Lots of information on the use of walking poles and how they can be of help to you.

Walking in Warm Weather star
You need not sacrifice your daily walk when temperatures are high. Just take precautions.

Walking Log star
Using a walking log to keep a diary of your walks. Makes a great record and helps you keep up with your goals and progress.

Walking Mistakes star
Walking is a natural activity but we can still make mistakes in our technique,posture and even our clothing.

What to wear on your feet star
Find out what sort of footwear will suit you and when you should wear boots or walking trainers.

Your Daily Sweat star
Sweat, or perspiration, is your body’s chief cooling mechanism and it occurs almost constantly. You can sweat and not even know it because it evaporates before you notice. So, those people who protest that they “never sweat” are wrong. Plus, how working up a sweat can be good for you!

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