Stroller Walking Groups

Stroller Walking Groups
Stroller walking groups can help moms stay in shape while entertaining the baby and networking with other moms. Basically, groups of mothers with babies and small children get together for a little exercise and socializing a few times a week.

These groups can be very helpful for moms. Young mothers typically get into the habit of only taking care of others, and self-care time falls completely off the radar. Not having time is a very common and legitimate excuse for not exercising when you are taking care of babies and small children. But, exercise is so important at this time. Walking (or any vigorous exercise) can help new moms deal with stress hormones, excess weight and even postpartum depression. Joining a stroller walking group can help a new mother physically, mentally and emotionally.

There are also big benefits for your babies, too. Children are never too young to start learning about and enjoying healthy activities. Incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle helps your children learn healthy habits and it demonstrate that healthy behaviors are a priority for your family. Exercise should be a part of your life just like brushing teeth, getting enough rest and eating healthy foods.

Of course, babies and children love to go for walks, too. Everyone needs fresh air, and there are usually lots of new learning experiences outside. Babies kept inside all the time can get bored and cranky, which just adds to the stress level. Distraction is a common method of soothing a crying baby and going for a walk is a great distraction—it’s a change of both activity and environment. Stroller groups are a form of play date for the children, too. Walking with other moms and babies is a great way to help your baby’s social development. Often, the relationships you make in a stroller group will lead to play dates.

Consider joining or forming a stroller walking group for you and your children. These groups are great for motivation. If friends are counting on you to go walking, you are more likely to stick to your commitment. Plus, it never hurts to have some help when you are out with your baby. Having an extra set of hands or being able to borrow a wipe when you need one can really come in handy.

Additionally, new mothers can and do learn so much from each other. Sharing tips on baby care ideas is a common new mom activity and a stroller walking group gives you many options for making those new connections, asking questions and even sharing your own knowledge.

To find groups in your area, you can search online sites such as Meetup or even craigslist or Stroller Strides. If you regularly post in forums (especially those geared to new families such as The Nest), or on social websites such as Facebook, you can search and/or post about stroller walking groups in your area. Or, you could start your own. Try posting written notices in your library, local daycare centers, and pediatrician’s office.

Stroller walking groups are a wonderful activity you and your baby can share. You can get healthier, build new relationships and feel good about taking good care of both you and your family.

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