Asthma's Nothing to Wheeze At!

Asthma's Nothing to Wheeze At!
When my kids were first diagnosed with asthma, I really wasn’t sure where to start with asthma management. While doctors were helpful, it was soon clear I had to become more knowledgeable about this disease and how to take care of my kids. That’s when I began the process of self-education about asthma and asthma management. This process was helpful when I was diagnosed with asthma several years after my kids were diagnosed.

Asthma management is the key to controlled asthma, feeling better and living life to the fullest. Managing asthma involves avoidance of known asthma triggers, medication, daily peak flow measurements, staying physically fit and as healthy as possible.

It takes time and patience to find the right mix of medications and avoidance tactics to keep your asthma stable and controlled. That’s where Asthma’s Nothing to Wheeze At! can help.

Asthma’s Nothing to Wheeze At! offers tips and advice that I’ve learned over the years in managing my kids’ and my own asthma. You’ll learn how to manage asthma, with the ultimate goal of keeping your asthma stable and more controlled.

The topics covered in this ebook provide you with a reference point on where and how to begin to reorganize your life with asthma.
Here’s a look at the chapters you’ll find in this book:

Chapter 1: Self-Education: discusses the benefits of patients and caregivers educating themselves about asthma. The more you know, the more confident you'll feel. Patients do better when they take an active role in their own care.

Chapter 2: Life with Asthma: talks about how to live with asthma every day, how chronic illness may affect your life and what you can do to help yourself take control of your life.

Chapter 3: Assistance with Medical Costs: discusses where to seek help if you can’t afford your health care or asthma medications.

Chapter 4: Buying Asthma Meds Online: one of the most effective ways to control the cost of asthma medications is to order them from an online pharmacy. Many online pharmacies are fake and/or offer fake asthma medications at cut-rate prices. However, chapter 3 explains what to look for in a reputable pharmacy and how to make sure you get the right medications you need.

Chapter 5: Seven Tips for Asthma Management: discusses pertinent tips for asthma management. These seven tips are the basis of successful asthma management and feeling better.

Chapter 6: Avoid Nocturnal Asthma: takes a look at nocturnal asthma and how to stop and/or prevent asthma trouble at night.

Chapter 7: Seven Tips to Quiet Asthma Coughs: gives advice on how to quiet an asthma cough without using additional medication, including my grandmother’s homemade natural cough syrup recipe.

Chapter 8: Create an Asthma-Friendly Home: our homes are filled with asthma triggers! This chapter takes a look at some common triggers in our homes and how to get rid of them.

Chapter 9: Control Cat Allergens: this chapter offers some tips on how to control cat allergens in your home and what to do if you visit a home that has a cat.

Chapter 10: Back to School Tips: here are some tips to help you and your kids get a handle on asthma at school. You’ll find information on common classroom asthma triggers, and how to keep your kids’ asthma controlled during their school day.

Chapter 11: Traveling with Asthma: traveling with asthma can be challenging. This chapter offers tips to help you safely travel with your asthma by researching, planning ahead, and more.

Chapter 12: Asthma-Free Holiday Tips: holidays can be a fun time, but also present a challenge for asthmatics. This chapter offers tips on how to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, while taking care of your asthma. You'll find packing advice, along with links to online resources to plan a safe trip.

Chapter 13: Asthma-Safe Gift Ideas: buying presents for asthmatic loved ones and friends can be challenging. This chapter offers insights into what gifts are recommended for the asthma patients in your life.

Chapter 14: Free Asthma Management Apps: takes a look at free apps available on iTunes and Google Play that offer assistance with asthma management.

Glossary: offers definitions of asthma terms used in this book.

Asthma Resources: offers links to asthma resources around the web, including where to find affordable health care, pharmaceutical company websites, a sample asthma journal and action plan templates.

U.S. Asthma Organizations: contact information for major asthma organizations in the U.S., including website, phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses (where available).

Each chapter is written in easy to understand English.

This is an updated version of "Asthma Tips & Advice," with a bonus chapter on free apps to help manage your asthma.

Asthma Tips & Advice

Now also available on Amazon Asthma Tips & Advice

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