The Omega 3 Report

The Omega 3 Report
The latest Omega 3 Report proves that it’s essential to your health to make the right choice. Research has consistently shown that these essential fatty acids give you amazing health benefits for everything from arthritis, mood swings, and weight loss to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But, positive health results depend entirely on your source.

Many people have been fooled into believing that they can get these benefits from plant derived oils. But that’s not what the research says. The oils in plants – like primrose, flax and borage – don’t contain EPA and DHA, which are the nutrients responsible for most of the research-proven results. Even though a healthy body can sometimes manufacture small amounts of EPA and DHA from plant derived oils, it’s not nearly enough. So, plant oils are very poor sources of Omega 3 and a waste of your money.

Salmon, on the other hand, is the highest human food source of natural preformed EPA and DHA. Therefore, to get the results you want, salmon oil is your best bet. However, salmon can present another problem – contamination!

Most salmon sold today is raised on farms. When a broad sample of these fish were tested by the Environmental Working Group, they found alarming levels of PCB’s. The E.W.G., a non-profit environmental investigation group, said the tests “show that farmed salmon are likely the most PCB contaminated protein source in the U.S. food supply.”

Other studies have shown high levels of mercury in salmon and other farmed fish. Plus, because of water pollution, many of the wild sources of fish that are sometimes used in marine lipid supplements have also been shown to be contaminated. And don’t be fooled by salmon or marine lipid supplements that claim to be FDA or Pharmaceutical Grade. There is no such thing in relation to fish oils.

The most dependable pure source I’ve found is the wild salmon fished from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle. Supplements made from these salmon are guaranteed by two of the world’s leading toxicologists to be pure salmon oil, pressed from the flesh (as opposed to the heads, tails and entrails) and free of all toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins.

In my opinion, Omega III Salmon Oil is the only source that makes health or financial sense when purchasing supplements of these amazing beneficial oils.

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