Honey Bees - How to Care for Bees

Honey Bees - How to Care for Bees
The endangered honey bee, soon you will not find one-third of the fruits and vegetables in the store that you once did. Honey bees are every bit as fascinating as any exotic pet insect, or exotic pet - any animal. Perhaps it’s time to learn a bit more about the honey bee. Maybe even explore the possibility of being a backyard beekeeper.

My bees, when a bee keeper came to look at them he said there were easily over a million honey bees; honey bees picture

Some of the benefits are an interesting pet, fascinating hobby, your own homemade honey, having bee pollen at your disposal (considered a super food and a natural antibiotic). It has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing benefits and for its fountain of youth qualities. (Example below)

Bees have always fascinated me, even though I am allergic to them. I am also allergic to cats but that sure doesn’t stop me from sleeping with them. I became more captivated with honey bees when I discovered I had over a million exotic pet bees. I am not exaggerating. When I realized I had a few more bees than I had thought, I had a bee specialist come in to investigate the situation.

It turned out our grain elevator was filled to the brim with bees, he said over a million bees, plus honey comb, and lots of honey.

Honey comb

It tickled my fancy watching my bee colony. How much work the bees put into protecting their queen, gathering pollen, making the honey combs, and making sure the world population of humans had enough food to eat.

Older section, probably very old

That’s right, without the bee some scientist estimate human survival would only be about five years. I think that is a far more serious and likely scenario than the volcano at Yosemite erupting anytime soon.

The honey bee is endangered. If you should find a swarm of bees, don’t exterminate them or call an exterminator, find a bee specialist or professional bee catchers who can relocate the swarm of bees to where it can do some good, examples would be an orchard or farm.

In the last fifty years or so the honey bee population has decreased substantially. The estimate is at least a fifty percent decline in the honey bee population. Many orchard farmers are not making their yields because of too few bees. Many vegetables won’t be pollinated because there aren’t enough bees. It won’t be long before many fruits and vegetables are no longer available.

Entomologists (study of insects) say the problem with the bee shortage is caused by varroa mites (blood sucker and a parasite). These mites attack bees, both young and old, as well as transmit disease. Another major factor with the declining bee population is the spraying of pesticides.

Remember, the bee pollinates much of our fruits and vegetables; we will also lose a lot of food from indirect causes because of too few bees.

Bee keeping is a fascinating hobby. Let’s explore honey bees, you may find these little critters so fascinating you might consider having a beehive in your backyard and become a beekeeper (apiarist).

Very good article on Honeybees Reject Pollen written by our very own BellaOnline Animal Life Editor Deb Duxbury.

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