Breathing Easy

Breathing Easy
Welcome to BellaOnline’s Asthma site! This site is dedicated to helping patients and their families have better quality of life in spite of asthma. I will provide information to help newly diagnosed patients, and provide new information for established patients. An asthma diagnosis can be very traumatic, but there is a tool that helps new patients to cope, and that is patient education. Patients (and/or their caregivers) have a responsibility to themselves to learn the facts about their condition, and how to live successfully with asthma. Patients and/or their caregivers can learn on their own, while under the care and guidance of their health care professionals. Patient self-education is one of the best tools to leading a better life with asthma or any other chronic illness.

Patient education takes place on sites like BellaOnline’s Asthma site. Here, patients can find information on how to deal with a new diagnosis, what are asthma triggers, proper use of asthma inhalers, and more. Patients and their families can read about new asthma treatments and medications, and trending asthma information in the news. Sites like BellaOnline can be a helpful tool in learning to live successfully with asthma.

I am not a health care professional, but do have severe allergies and asthma myself, and was finally diagnosed about ten years ago, after frustrating doctors with my constant illness. I’ve also dealt with my kids’ allergies and asthma over the years. As a mother and a patient, I have been frustrated with the small amount of information given to me by health care providers. I wanted to make life better for my kids and myself, and took on the task of self-education about the different aspects of life with allergies and asthma. From this self-education I have learned how to better manage my allergies and asthma, and how to have the best life possible. I would like to stress the importance of working with your health care professional on managing your asthma. Always take new information to your own health care provider for assessment and work with them before making any changes to your treatment plan or lifestyle. This is the best balance for achieving a healthy and asthma-controlled life.

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Wishing you a wonderful and breathing easy day!

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