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November 2 2008 LDS Newsletter

In the United States, this is the week to make your vote for candidates. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains its political neutrality (see But what the Church has done is ask its members to pray for guidance in selecting candidates. We are to study the issues and know our Constitution so that we are not confused with the winds of changing doctrine in political affairs.

Here are several guides for you as you make these important choices this week while voting (if an American citizen. But these guidelines contain principles of truth and apply even to other nations where democratic choice is an option.).

1. The Lord's viewpoint on government as found in Doctrine and Covenants 134.

It would be well to study this deeply prior to studying the candidates, their platforms, and especially prior to going to vote: We need to be an educated citizenry if we are to maintain freedom, for the forces of Satan continually seek to remove liberty from us.

2. Here is one prophet's plea for wise choices as we select government leaders. It is a hard hitting talk. It is entitled "A Vision and a Hope for the Youth of Zion" and was given by President Ezra Taft Benson on April 12, 1977. Governments will not collapse financially when they follow these true principles given from God. Read the entire speech; it is urgent, worthwhile, hard hitting, and pertinent to this election just two days away:

3. Here is a list of the Bill of Rights. These were the principles that have made the United States a refuge of freedom for so long. What are the candidates' stands on these important issues? Be aware of these before making your voting choices:

4. LDS's newest article, "The Founding Fathers' Voter's Guide"
As one might imagine, the Founding Fathers of the United States felt quite strongly about the future of their country. Many risked much; some actually died because of the fight for liberty. Just what is so important about freedom? Here are some of their thoughts on citizenship. It is an article I've written to help us clarify our thoughts as we in America face the voting booths on Tuesday.

It is a gift to be able to vote. May we do well in God's eyes!

Please visit for even more great content about LDS issues, learning of Christ, and using important tools to strengthen your family in today's topsy-turvy world!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge--especially when so much is at stake.

C.S. Bezas, LDS Editor

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