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Doctors are learning more about fats every month. Where people used to feel that all fats were bad, we now know the difference between healthy omega oils and very bad trans fatty acids.

Butter Carbs and Nutrition star
For a while nutritionists told us not to eat butter. Then they reversed and told us to avoid margarine at all costs. What is butter? What is its nutrition and carbs? Read on to learn what you need to know!

Chunk Light vs Albacore Tunafish star
We've all read how important it is to get our weekly allotment of fish into our diets. Fish oils are critical for proper brain functioning. But what is the difference between chunk light tunafish and albacore tunafish?

Do Fat Cells Die or Multiply star
Fat cells can seem like mysterious objects. They store fat in our bodies. But do we have a set number from birth? Do they ever die? Here is how fat cells work.

Eating Fat Not Related to Breast Cancer star
In the past, doctors had theorized that modern diets that were high in fat caused increased breast cancer rates. Studies published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) have proven that fat intake is not related to breast cancer.

Fat Storage and Triglycerides star
If you are overweight or obese, it means your fat cells have filled up with triglycerides. What are triglycerides, and how can you efficiently reduce them?

Good Fats Reduce Plaque in Arteries star
Remember back when people thought all fats were bad fats? New studies show just how incredibly powerful good fats can be at fighting heart disease. Good fats can reduce plaque levels in arteries.

Good Fats, Bad Fats, Ugly Fats star
A few individuals view low carb diets as being high fat diets, and therefore unhealthy and evil diets. The important thing to realize is that not all fats are bad - some are very good for you!

Grapeseed Oil Information star
Grapeseed oil is often used in cooking and has been used for centuries.

Healing the Damage of Trans Fatty Acids star
If you´ve been living a life of fast food consumption, the huge amount of trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils you´ve consumed has clogged your arteries and perhaps damaged your body. How do you undo this damage?

How the Body Burns Fat star
If you have excess fat on your body, you probably have an aim to reduce that volume. Here is how your body burns fat, and how you can help that process along.

Ketoacidosis and Ketones star
It's amazing how with millions of low carbers being healthy - that a single person who gets an UNRELATED ketoacidosis can cause a news scare. It shows how the media loves a horror story.

Low Carb Low Fat Recipes star
Low carb is about reducing sugar. Low fat is about reducing fat. What you're left with is protein and fiber! Here are some recipe ideas that are low carb AND low fat.

Low Carb Oil star
If you understand what carbs are, then you understand that ALL oils are of course completely free of carbs. Carbs are starches and sugars. Oils are made of fat.

Monoglycerides and Diglycerides star
Monoglycerides and diglycerides are commonly added to food items to help them mix together properly. They are considered "lipids".

Omega-3 Fats, Fish Oil, DHA and EPA star
One of the most important fats to have in your diet is the Omega-3 oil, found primarily in fish. This oil has been shown to help prevent cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer´s and much more.

Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Good Fats star
You´ve heard just how bad Trans Fats are for you. But remember that not all fats are bad - some, used by Mediterranean cuisine for thousands of years - are quite healthy!

Saturated Fat and Heart Disease star
It's amazing how modern research is overturning many old wives' tales. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that there is no relationship between eating saturated fat and having heart disease.

Saturated Fat FAQ star
Just what are saturated fats? How do they differ from monounsaturated fats and trans fatty acids? Where do saturated fats come from? Learn more about the myths and truths of the fat world.

Trans Fats, Deep Frying and Atkins star
Just about every low carb diet, from Atkins to South Beach to the Zone, warns against deep frying and using trans fats. This is because trans fats can raise your risk of Type II Diabetes by 40% or more.

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