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Discussion about specific wrestlers - What they have done, what they are doing, why they are in the news, and more.

Gorilla Monsoon star
Read about one of the WWE's most colorful characters ever in Gorilla Monsoon.

Abdullah the Butcher star
Read about the mayhem and the in ring violence of the man known as the Madman from the Sudan-Abdullah the Butcher

Al Perez star
The Latin Heartthrob Al Perez is probably one of the most underrated and misused wrestlers ever to grace a wrestling ring. He should have been the next Ric Flair, in my humble opinion.

Andrew Test Martin star
The former wrestler known as Test was found dead in his apartment on March 13, 2009. Andrew Martin, Test, was a former wrestler with the WWE and TNA Impact wrestling organizations.

Bret Hart Tells the World Whether he will be at WrestleMania Once and For All star
Bret "The Hitman" Hart answers the burning question, "Will he be at WrestleMania this year?"

Classy Fred Blassie star
This Article is a mini biography of Classy Fred Blassie, one of the best in the wrestling game for the better part of fifty years.

Doink the Clown star
Love him or hate him, Doink the Clown was a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. Often used for comic relief, he did cause a lot of headaches for a lot of wrestlers.

Dory Funk Jr. star
Read about one of the true legends of the sport in Dory Funk Jr.

Edge - Professional Wrestling's Greatest Asset star
Edge is probably the most decorated wrestler in the history of the WWE as well as the most controversial since Rowdy Roddy Piper.

El Santo Mini Bio star
This article is a mini biography of one of Mexico┬┤s most prolific and popular superstars in El Santo

Exotic Adrian Street star
Come and read about one of the most talked about flamboyant wrestlers ever in the Exotic Adrian Street

Frank Gotch, Pro Wrestling Hero star
This article is a bio of one of the most loved and respected albeit controversial wrestlers of all time, Frank Gotch.

Gilbert Cosme aka Ricky Banderas star
This article is a mini biography of the wrestler named Ricky Banderas and also Judas Mesias.

Gorgeous George star
This article is a mini bio of the most flamboyant wrestlers ever to exist and is also the man who made flamboyancy fashionable for other venues of entertainment as well. He is Gorgeous George.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan star
This is a mini biography of the patriotic icon, Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Jerry Lawler star
Read the article about Jerry "The King" Lawler and a lot of his accomplishments both in and out of the ring.

John Tolos star
"The Golden Greek" John Tolos passed away in May of 2009. He has left a tremendous and unmatched legacy behind.

Killer Kowalski Wrestling's Ultimate Heel star
Come and read about the fabulous, albeit, controversial life of one Walter "Killer" Kowalski. An epitomy of the wrestlers known as heels. Kowalski definitely defined the term "Heel wrestler."

Major WWE Smackdown Star Taking Time Off to Heal Injuries star
Yet another Smackdown star is out of action for several weeks due to accumulated injuries. Smackdown's star power is dwindling and they desperately need Batista to return before another star, who is slated to take time off soon, departs.

Major WWE Star Suspended, Another Quits, More star
A major WWE star has been put on a 60 day suspension for "unprofessional conduct" while a lower card worker has quit. Also news on the newest characters on WWE TV, the WM contest, and more.

Mil Mascaras star
This is a mini bio in my continuing series of luchador wrestlers, Mil Mascaras.

Playboy Buddy Rose star
Playboy Buddy Rose was found dead on April 28, 2009 in Vancouver, Washington. The medical examiner reported that he died of natural causes. A condition rarely heard of in professional wrestling today.

Rey Bucanero, the King of Pirates star
A mini bio of one of the most exciting luchadors to watch in Rey Bucanero

Ric Flair Mini Bio star
This article is a mini biography of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in Ric Flair

Ricky Steamboat star
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 25. No one deserves it more than him.

Rob Van Dam -The Whole F'n Show star
Read about one of the most exciting professional wrestlers to watch in Rob...Van...Dam

Serotonin - Kaz and Bentley/ w Johnny Devine star
Serotonin was a tag team in TNA Impact under the watchful and critical eye of Raven. Come and read about them.

Sid Vicious The Millenium Man star
Sid Vicious was a wrestling monster for about twenty years and has overcome debilitating injuries to return to the ring and is currently rumored to have re-signed with the WWE.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes star
Read about a true icon in the sport of professional wrestling. Dusty Rhodes. Then come to the wrestling forum and share your thoughts about him.

The Big Red Machine star
This is a mini-bio of the wrestler known as Kane.

The Chris Benoit Tragedy - A Year Later star
This article is a report on the Chris Benoit tragedy that happened one year ago this week.

The Foreign Object star
The use of illegal items have led to many, many controversial victories in many professional wrestling matches.

The Legendary Lou Thesz star
Read about one of, if not the best, pure grapplers that has ever climbed into the squared circle. The legendary Lou Thesz.

The Murder of Bruiser Brody star
Read about the life and death of one of professional wrestling's enigmatic personas in the late, great Bruiser Brody. Come read about his career and life were all cut down in one day as he was allegedly murdered by another wrestler.

The Original Sheik star
The Original Sheik, Edward Farhat set the standard for hardcore wrestling and was the first to throw a fireball at an opponent.

The Rock Mini-Bio star
This article is a mini bio of probably one of the most prolific wrestlers in the WWE. The Rock.

The Rowdy One star
This is a mini bio of absolutely the most controversial wrestler bar none.

This is Sting star
This article is a mini biography of the wrestler called Sting

Tricky Nick Bockwinkle star
This is a mini bio of one of the greatest mat technicians in the history of professional wrestling. Mr. Nick Bockwinkle

Two WWE Superstars in Violent Fist Fight. Or Were They? star
WWE is reporting that two major Smackdown superstars got into a violent fist fight on Monday. But many are suspcious of this news and the way it was handled and wonder if it is really just an angle. What do you think?

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