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Building Reading Skills
Students with learning disabilities often experience problems with reading. Reading strategies and accommodations can be used to improve decoding skills, increase reading retention and build vocabulary. Simple reading strategies can make reading meaningful and fun.

Objective Driven Lessons
The potential for learning increases drastically when lessons are driven by purposeful objectives. The objective specifies the desired outcome of the lesson. An objective driven lesson moves the attainment of information to the use of information.

Kids Learn to Share
Sharing can be learned with patience and perseverance. It is important to teach children to share at an early age because it is not a natural process. It can be learned by modeling the ideal behavior. Sharing builds social and emotional skills.

Writing Made Easy
Students are often asked to write in the classroom. Writing can be made easy by combining three small steps. Creativity, past experience, and curiosity can spark an interest in writing.

Making Accommodations in the Inclusive Classroom
Adjustments to the general education curriculum can be made to accommodate students with learning disabilities. Supports, such as organizational skills, extra structure, and adjustments in classroom activities can be made to provide balance in learning.

Universal Design for Learning
Students with learning disabilities are expected to learn material presented in the classroom regardless of their abilities. All children have the ability to learn. Universal Design for Learning can be used to adapt the curriculum in order to accommodate the individual needs of learners.

Using Prior Knowledge
Prior knowledge is used to make real-world connections to the material that is unknown. All children learn at different rates. They also come into the classroom with various experiences. Prior knowledge can be used to frame the information to be introduced.

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Basic Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween is an exciting time for children. This is one of the few times that they get to eat a generous amount of candy. Safety must come first at all times.

Note-taking Skills for the Classroom
All students have some type of note-taking skills. Some are excellent. Others are not so good. It is important to adapt good note-taking skills in order to improve the chances of retaining information learned.

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