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Snowflake Books
Is it snowing? Do you want to play in the snow and see the snowflakes as they fall? Can you see the beauty of each different flake? Learn about snowflakes.

MTH - Dolphins at Daybreak #9
When Jack and Annie travel in the Magic Tree House this time they end up in the middle of the ocean. It’s lucky for them that they find a mini-submarine to explore the coral reef, but they have some bad luck with the mini-sub.

A Ride on the Red Mares Back - Book Review
The little sister has knit a scarf for her brother, but he has been taken by the trolls. Her father was injured by the trolls and returned home unable to save his son.

Children around the World Celebrate - Book Review
Christmas is a special time all around the world. With this book you can learn how the birth of Jesus is celebrated all around the world with kids from Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, Norway, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, China and the Congo.

Narnia - Queen Jadis, the White Witch
Queen Jadis, the White Witch has a spell on Narnia. Snow and ice cover the countryside. Queen Jadis uses Edmund Pevensie to spy and deceive his brother and sister. She uses the candy, Turkisk Delight, to control him.

Maisy - Amazing Big Book of Learning
In Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning Maisy learns numbers, shapes, letters and patterns.

Christmas Advent Activity
Start a new Christmas advent tradition. Wrap up 24 Christmas books in pretty Christmas paper. They should represent a variety of interest levels and actual sizes of the books.

MTH - A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time #44
In A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Jack and Annie travel to Victorian England and encounter Charles Dickens. Will they be able to help the great writer?

The New House in the Forest - Book Review
The Jenks family wants to build a new home, but each has a different idea about where their new house should be built: near town, near electricity, near running water, or near where the animals live.

MTH - Morgan le Fey - Library 1-28
Morgan le Fay owns the Magic Tree House library books. She is the one who sends Jack and Annie on their first 28 adventures. Morgan le Fay. Read them in order and gather clues to solve puzzles.

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