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Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests
What life throws in your direction is never known in advance. Life’s circumstances brought about many of my interests in exotic pets and wildlife rehabilitation. Here I share part of my life and the beginnings of my interests in ferrets, skunks, raccoons, bears, and bear cubs, porcupines...

Teacup Pigs - Mini Pigs
What is a teacup pig or tea cup pig (both terms are used)? How much do the tea cup pigs cost? Where do you find teacup pigs for sale? Where do you find tea cup pig breeders? What to mini pigs eat? How did they develop a mini pig? Do they make good pets? How to care for a tea cup pig! Pocket pigs!

Saving Pet’s Lives - CPR – First Aid
If you find an animal in a hot car what do you do? Why do cars get so hot? How do you save pets or exotic pets from heat stroke? How do you perform CPR on animals? How do you find a pulse on an animal? Learn pet first aid and CPR skills for animals. Learn how to induce vomiting. Pets can choke too!

The Latest in Popular Pets - Skunks
What is the latest in popular pets? Pet skunks or the striped skunk. They are raised domestically, have their stinkers removed and they can be potty trained. They have pleasant personalities, they are quiet; as in they don’t bark at the neighbors. They are cuddly and soft. Baby skunks are adorable!

Pet Adoption - Embracing Abandoned Animals
I often found abandoned animals just dumped on the side of the road. Once we found two golden retriever pups. They had been tossed in the road, one was still inside a paper bag, and he had been run over and killed. Another pup came running out from the weeds that were next to the road. Pet adoption!

Save Homeless Companion Birds
Connie Davidson, my distinguished guest author, has a very important message about birds that have suffered through natural disasters such as the tornado in Joplin, Mo. What happens to the birds that have lost their owners, their homes? Think how frightened they are to have lost their loved ones.

See through Your Pet’s Eyes
A new techi device is as perfect as a device comes – if you want to see through your pet’s eyes. This can be used on most pets, exotic pets or traditional pets. Do you want to know if your neighbor is telling the truth or giving you a line of BS. What did your pet get into; save your pet’s life!

Design Your Own Pet - Pet Foxes
It took thousands of years to domestic the wolf resulting in our pet dogs, researchers have used selective breeding to create tame foxes in a few short generations! The fox isn’t tamed by humans but is naturally tame. This is designing your own exotic pets. Respond, is this ethically right or wrong?

Exotic Pets and Car Travel
I have traveled thousands of miles with skunks, infant raccoons, parrots, ferrets, skunks, and a variety of other pets, and exotic pets. This travel included moving across country more than once. Here are some tips to help you prepare and to stay sane through the entire trip.

Wolf - Loki's Story - Temperament
Guest author John Mattson, concludes the article about wolves, discussing additional important information about having a wolf as a companion, issues such as wolf temperament and wolf hybrids. If you missed any part of this vital story you will find the links to all four parts.

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