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Rat Supplies
It isn’t always easy finding decent rat supplies, examples; a safe cage, healthy food, toys that keep the rat or mouse occupied and happy but still help wear down the incisors. Sometimes you find great rat and mouse supplies in places you wouldn’t normally look.

Understanding Animals
The many shades of gray will eternally be my rainbow. Animal, swine all offensive derogatory terms; perception is a funny thing. Perhaps we need to understand animals better to understand our pets or other people's pets. Or, perhaps why some people have exotic pets.

Skunk Smell - How to Remove Skunk Odor
Skunk sense for skunk scents. It is time to get outside and go for walks with your animals. If you run into a skunk you may want to know how to get rid of the skunk smell. Maybe your dog got sprayed and got into the house before you could stop it; you will learn to remove skunk odor from the house.

Bird Shop - Large Parrots
Buying the perfect cages, playpens, play gyms, toys, training materials, and other miscellaneous necessities for your bird or parrot isn’t as easy as you think it would be. Some cages can be death traps, small items to ingest, bars spaced too far apart, and the bird can strangulate.

Byproducts - Dakota Provisions
Dakota Provisions in Huron South Dakota has proposed a byproduct facility. Exactly what is a byproduct and is it good or bad for our pets? What IS a byproduct?

Ferrets and California
Some of the evidence California has come up with to keep the ferret illegal is as close to lies (showing they have their own personal agenda) as it can possibly get. I think I will continue to go through their mountain of trash over time. This is highly amusing.

Meeting Minnesota Animals
Though I lost my son in Minnesota experiencing this beautiful state through a child’s eyes; experiencing many of the state’s 10,000 animals up close and personal. My work with wildlife rehabilitation was fulfilling; though at times it can be tough on the heart strings.I also got to meet the ferret!

Exotic Pets and Wild Animals
For many years I worked with exotic pets and parrots. I love animals all animals. I made a decision to move across the US from California to Northern Minnesota because my children had learning disabilities. Learn the difference between wildlife and exotic pets. Wildlife is not an exotic pet.

Tribute to My Son
This is a story I wrote shortly after my fifteen-year old son has passed away. He had disabilities and I hope this story can help others like him. At least show the miracles of unconditional love. It is the anniversary of his death and this is something I needed to do. Off subject warning :)

Jellyfish - Jellyfish as a Pet - Jellyfish Art
Beautiful, exotic, mesmerizing, pulsating – so many words barely capture the essence of this dazzling animal! If you are looking for the truly unusual exotic pet research the pet jellyfish.

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