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Broken Hearts - Death and Dying - Exotic Pets
These last couple of weeks many people close to me and myself have endured the pain of losing a beloved pet. Pets or exotic pets it makes no difference the pain of the loss seems unbearable. Until you stop to realize the joy these beautiful animals have left behind; enriching our lives greatly.

Never Disagree in Front of a Child or Exotic Pets
There is little difference in behavioral training; children or animals. One and foremost never disagree in front of the child or exitc pets.If you disagree do so in private never in front of a pet or child. These little critters understand much more than you could imagine.

Chinchilla - Food - Treats - Grooming
The chinchilla has special dietary needs; they cannot be fed pellets meant for other rodents or rabbit pellets. Learn about chinchilla food, treats and grooming. They are very different from other animals, some things can kill them, not having certain things can kill them. Learn what these are!

Exotic Pets - Baby it's HOT Outside!
With the best intentions sometimes we need extra help. Fresh out of the hospital, its very hot and humid, the Fourth of July is upon us. No matter what the circumstances we have got to keep these animals safe! Exotic pets are heat and cold sensitive and get plenty scared during fireworks!

Exotic Pets - Hedgehog - Skunk - Sugar Glider
This is the end of the What Pet Do You Choose series, at least for now. In this article we discuss the pet skunk, the pet sugar glider, and the pet hedgehog. All three of these animals can make wonderful exotic pets.

Flying Squirrel - Flying Squirrel as a Pet
The pet flying squirrel will form a very strong bond with their human companion; if this bonding begins early. Enjoy the flying squirrel picture he is a cutie with those big sweet eyes that seem to call to you. A very interesting companion indeed!

Pet Monkey - Choices - Exotic Pets
How do you care for a pet monkey? How much is a monkey? Where would you find monkeys for sale? Is it possible to find monkey breeders? Be very weary of where you buy your monkey. A monkey cage is required by law to be safe and secure. This article is not about ethics. Enjoy baby monkey pictures.

Spider - Choices Exotic Pets
The spider is part of the What Pet do you Choose series. Spiders or arachnids make interesting exotic pets. There could be liabilities in owning a venomous pet. This article includes the tarantula, black widow spider, brown recluse pictures and information about pet spiders.

Ferret - Pet Ferrets
A ferret guide to help you learn ferret facts and ferret care. Pet ferrets are special animals and bring a tremendous amount of joy but ferrets as pets do have their downfalls. This is part of the What Pet Do I Choose series. Everything from breeding ferrets to baby ferrets (kits).

Rodents - Pet Rodent
Rodents make very interesting pets and are very intelligent, so why not a pet rodent. Consider pet mice, pet gerbils, pet chinchillas, pet rats, pet guinea pigs, Patagonian cavies, or a Pygmy Jerboa as a pet. Rodents are wonderful exotic pets. This article is part of Choose a Pet series.

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