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Nintendogs Breed Listing - Chihuahua Set
Nintendogs isn't just one game. It's a collection of games, and each item in the series offers a series of breeds of dogs that are available. Here is info on the chihuahua set.

Gizmondo Release News
The Tiger Gizmondo is currently slated for a September release - pushed back from the Aug 11 2005 date given at the May E3 conference.

N-Gage Pocket Kingdom
You can pick up a N-Gage for little money nowadays, and there are some great games for this system! Pocket Kingdom is nicely addictive and has multi-player options.

NDS Bomberman
Bomberman was always a basic arcade style game. The DS adds new life into it by allowing a single card to host up to 8 players in multiplaying fun.

NDS Puyo Pop Fever Review
I´m a big fan of the Puyo Pop series. It´s like Tetris with a twist - instead of falling squares, you have falling Puyos, little critters with wiggly eyes!

NDS Meteos Puzzle Game
If you´re a fan of puzzle games like Tetris, then you should certainly give Meteos for the Nintendo DS a try. It´s rather like Tetris with a dash of Lumines thrown in.

NDS Pac Pix
If you´ve got a DS and enjoy classic arcade style games, then be sure to give Pac Pix a try. You get to draw your very own pac-man and watch it gobble up ghosts!

Worms World Party for N-Gage
I love the Worms series. If you remember the old cannon games where you adjust the angle of fire and let loose, this is the same idea - but 100 times funnier!

Hori PSP Protective Screen Filter
A PSP screen is clear and large - and is almost a magnet for fingerprints, dust and scratches. This filter helps to protect it from damage.

Sony PSP Face Armor / Disc Jackets
If you´ve used your PSP for any length of time, you know how dangerous it is to have that screen anywhere it can be scratched. The face armor helps to keep it shielded.

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