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Cel Damage on the GameCube
Have you ever wished you could have fun in a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck cartoon world? Cel Damage lets you enjoy fun bloodless games in that world!

Wave Race : Blue Storm
Like fun sports action? Wave Race : Blue Storm brings fun jet-ski wave riding to the Game Cube with gorgeous water graphics.

James Bond : Agent Under Fire
The James Bond series has done very well in its conversion to computer games. How well did Agent Under Fire do on the GameCube?

Star Wars Rogue Leader
Subtitled Rogue Squadron II, this GameCube game lets you fly spaceship in the Star Wars universe and take on the original Star Wars universe.

Luigi's Mansion on GameCube
Luigi´s Mansion let´s Mario´s little green buddie shine in a battle to cleanse a haunted house of ghosts.

Sonic Adventure 2 : Battle
This fun game for the GameCube involves you on many different levels - the traditional Sonic races and item-collecting, plus fighting, and even pet-raising!

Pikmin GameCube Review
Puzzle games exercise your mind without splattering blood all over the screen. Pikmin is a great game that emphasizes cooperation over gore!

StarFox 64 Review
Do you still have a Nintendo 64 around the house? Don´t forget to grab a copy of StarFox 64!

Paper Mario N64 Review
Anything with the name Mario on it tends to have the golden touch. Just look at Mario 64, one of the classics on the N64 and still an incredibly playable game. Super Smash Brothers was another Mario game that was amazingly fun

Pokemon Snap Review
Being the parent of a 10 year old son, it was inevitable that Pokemon Snap would be high on the "must have" list of games in our household. We picked the game up on Saturday, and set down to a weekend of searching high and low for the elusive Pokemon

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