Migraine Diet and Beneficial Lifestyle

Migraine Diet and Beneficial Lifestyle
A migraine diet and adopting certain lifestyle changes can be extremely benefitical for most of the twenty-five million Americans who suffer from migraines. A migraine is a specific recurring throbbing pain usually associated with one side of the head. Stress and poor diet are major risk factors.

Here are some suggestions to help prevent migraines and other headaches.

Make the necessary lifestyle changes. Decrease stress, eat a good nutritious diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of clean water and if you smoke, give it up. Surround yourself with supportive, fun and happy friends. Consider getting yourself regular massages to help reduce muscular tension especially around the neck and shoulders.

Avoid processed foods, sugars, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine products, etc. Change your diet to a whole food program. Eat organic whole grains, free-ranging meats, plenty of fresh fish and lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. Keep your fat consumption below 30% of the calories in your diet. For more information see A Chat About Fat.

Even when you do the best you can, it can still be hard to get everything you need from the foods you eat. See Fact or Fiction. Get yourself on a good whole food, natural multi-vitamin complex. Increase your intake of quality Omega-6 oils and especially Omega-3 oils. Omega-3 oils have natural anti-inflammatory properties and have a very beneficial effect on migraines and headaches. I highly recommend Omega-3 Salmon Oil, which can be found at www.omega-3.us.

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