Spirit Rescue by Wilma Davidson

Spirit Rescue by Wilma Davidson
Spirit release, guiding Earthbound spirits to the Light, is not for the faint-hearted, however for those of us who work with the spirit realms it is an aspect of our calling that brings with it much satisfaction. Wilma Davidson’s book Spirit Rescue: A Simple Guide to Talking with Ghosts and Freeing Earthbound Souls provides a much needed guide to this often tricky and demanding work.

Wilma Davidson is a British healer who has clearly amassed a huge amount of personal experience in this specialist field. It made me smile that she treats this work as an adventure; she describes lunching at seafront restaurants with friends and releasing trapped spirits from shipwrecks between courses!

The book is an easy read, even though some of the scenarios she discusses could be a little daunting if you were new to the idea of spirit release. She writes in a chatty style & you feel she is providing you personally with friendly advice and guidance.

As well as a number of case studies which illustrate the way in which Wilma works she provides helpful advice on a wide range of topics that will help you to maintain and strengthen your energies if engaged with this work. The advice on psychic protection is most important should you be moved to try this work. Being properly protected will keep your energies safe & prevent anything unpleasant latching onto you.

Starting with the relatively easy task of persuading most Earthbound spirits to move on she progresses to the tougher cases, including non-human dark entity attachments that can be much more challenging to shift. Her methods are sometimes a little unusual- she's prepared to tempt spirits to go to the light with the thing they are craving most- so for example an alcoholic is promised plenty of drink! I've not gone in for little white lies myself in this work- however Wilma is convinced that her success rate in getting spirits to cross justifies the small fibs and that these troubled spirits are given help with their problems once they get there. Perhaps she has a point!

It all makes fascinating reading and I do agree with her identification of the different types of dark energies out there, however it could make some readers fearful- and there is nothing the ‘other side’ likes more than fear energy. If you are likely to be worried by these things it would be prudent not to read about them- suffice it to say the real baddies are not too common and if you look after your energy field well, avoid over indulging in drink or drugs and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations such as sitting in a seance with a Ouija board you should be safe enough.

I feel there are almost two books here- one dealing with the common and generally not too dangerous or scary task of guiding Earthbounds to the light. This area seems suitable for all those who feel called & do not have serious mental health issues or addictions should they come across a situation that needs help. The other is about ‘darker beings’ whom I feel are potentially hazardous to try to shift without some specialist training and support, and a strong connection to your support team on the other side.

This is an interesting and useful read, particularly for therapists & health professionals who need to be aware of the existence of these potential threats to health and wellbeing. For those of us who’ve come across nasty attachments in our therapy work it is good to read up a little more & check that our perceptions are indeed shared by others. I have long felt that the mental hospitals would be much emptier if specialists were employed to keep wards and the sick clear of intrusions and attachments.

If you feel you have come across something that is too difficult for you to move by yourself look for specialist help. My husband Steve can move unpleasant energies from a distance and can be contacted at his site Entity Removal.

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